Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tutorial: Paper Butterfly Wall Art

Well, since Acadia is in her very own room, I suppose I will have to decorate it. I am actually almost done and will have the big reveal in a Design on a Dime post in a couple of days... but I will share one project that I have done so far. I have seen similar wall art like this elsewhere and I thought it was adorable for little girls room...

It is a very simple project but you do need to invest a little money up front to get the supplies... You need a a frame, butterfly craft punch (or any shape you'd like)and some Mini Pop Dots. The butterfly punch was by Martha Stewart and was around $10 each at Michaels (use the 40% coupons they always offer in their flyers to save on these) The Pop Dots are only around $2-$3 for 264! You also need some sort of scrap paper to cut the butterflies from. I have found that my tattoo magazines are great for this project; they are very colorful and have varied artwork.

Next step: Start punching! This is easy as you can just sit in front of the TV and punch a ton of butterflies mindlessly. And then:
Place a Mini Pop Dot on the back of each butterfly and adhere it inside your frame. You can layer 2 or 3 dots per butterfly to get a nice 3D effect on your finished product.

You can make them as small or large as you can get a frame to fit. You can have fun with different color schemes or hidden words, or even use pieces of family photos. The possibilities are endless here.


  1. ok...really? I had no idea you were so so so crafty!! I am in love with this!!

    Now...my question...tomorrow will you be sharing pictures of your daughter covered in dots? (tee hee hee ;)

  2. so you're making me want to get crafty... now I just need to find the time. Maybe I'll just have to order a set of blocks from you or we can trade some crafts or something!! :)

  3. Geez- and I thought I was in love with your block project! This is such a crafty cool idea especially since any type of image will work.

    In Bear's case I'd have to make one with trucks or his all time favorite obsession- slippers. (hmm, that would be a little strange I suppose!)