Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Roundup

I just wanted to clear my head of a couple of items. First off, I have a Design on a Dime: Project 3, but it really does not merit it's own post. I wouldn't even post it, but in the heart of full disclosure, not all cheap organization and design projects can be glamorous and fun. So here you have it... Annika has a TON of dress up clothes, both from gifts and from Ariana's old dance costumes. She has a dress up trunk in her bedroom. Inevitably, every time she wants a costume, it is the one on the bottom. The whole trunk then gets strewn across the whole bedroom- creating a huge dress. I decided I wanted the whole kit 'n caboodle hung up. So, I created this in the playroom:

See... not very exciting. But it was cheap, and the clothes have stayed organized every since. I didn't want to have to use any tools (you know, unnecessary trips to the shed) so I grabbed shelf brackets with scrolls big enough to hold a 1/2" dowel. That way, when I hung the brackets, all I needed to do was thread the dowel into the holes:

I set a shelf on top (and attached it with screws so Annika wouldn't pull it onto her head!) put a couple of baskets below for accessories and voila!
Shelf: $9
Brackets: $9 for 2
Dowel: $3


The other day I Googled, "cute short hair style" so that I could find a way to wear my hair while it grows out a little. I got this:

Uhhh, really? And then I got this:

Hmmm, sometimes you just don't get me, Google.


I went on a road trip to the White Mountains today- pictures on my Suburbanity blog.


Found this picture of myself while uploading the other day... it was taken a couple of months before becoming pregnant with baby #3:

Get a look at those guns! I love those silent but deadly photo reminders that pop up to tell us we are out of shape. That random thought process brought me to this:

Which brought me to 9 days on my WiiFit Plus and lots of boxing. It's going to take a lots of uppercuts to get those guns back.


Ok, got that stuff outta my head... you will be returned back to your regularly scheduled blog post tomorrow.


  1. I did my first roundup post in a long time today, too. Must be the windchill freezing our brains so we can't compose a full post.

    As usual, your playroom project looks awesome. This time my excuse is that we don't have a separate playroom. 99% of the toys live in our living/dining room. The Red Sox toy chest is a well-loved centerpiece of our decor.

  2. Google is so random sometimes! I love random posts. I used to do one every Thursday called Random Rambling. I like to be able to throw out all of the stuff that doesn't merit it's own post!!