Thursday, January 28, 2010

Design on a Dime: Project 4

See Project 1, Project 2 and Project 3.

Here is my biggest project yet... a whole new room for Acadia. As you know we just moved her into her very own room. Her room will also double as a guest room so it can't be quite as cutesy and frilly as a baby girls nursery might normally be. Also, I really have no money to spend on remodeling it, so it really is a design on a dime. Without further ado... the before:
The baby blue and lavender wall were only there since that's what I had for leftover pain the last time I painted this room. But, as most of our bedding, accessories and everything else in this family is pink and pastel, so I really wanted to do away with the pastel walls as not to have pastel overload. So, repainting the walls was the major project... from there I just needed to fill with her crib, some fun accessories and voila:
Here's the rundown: The beige paint was again a leftover (which is why I still have a lavender wall- I need to go buy more) ($0) The couple of pieces of artwork on the wall were printed for free from IndieFixx and then mounted on canvas via ModgePodge ($6). The caricature is of Acadia and myself done by an artist last year and put in a frame I had tucked away (hey, if I am putting all the blood, sweat and tears into decorating, I can totally pimp myself out, right?) ($0) The circle artwork on the wall was inspired by other websites. It is just some fabric scraps put into embroidery hoops. I did have to purchase these hoops at AC Moore. ($12) (I am still up in the air about the hoops since I am pretty heavily weighted to the left side of my brain and struggling with things not lining up perfectly.) The larger shelf and brackets was purchased from Lowes. ($26) The stand next to the bed was an old wine rack that we no longer needed as this house came with one built in. I just removed the innards to make it a cute shelf. ($0) The rocking chair was a gift to Acadia from Grammy and the quilt hanging on it was from my Aunt. ($0) The smaller shelf hanging on the wall to the right came out of my shed. I had bought a few years ago when I saw them on clearance at Lowes. The frame hanging below it is a TJ Maxx clearance item ($4) hung with yet another scrap of fabric tied into a bow. The bedspread is actually the same as the before picture but I flipped it over to a white side. However, if you look close, you will see some patches on there. I had to sew some on to cover an unfortunate nail polish incident. (Note: sewing patches on the middle of a king sized quilt with a rinky-dinky sewing machine is not for the weak or faint of heart!) I used the same scraps as the embroidery hoops to make it coordinate somewhat. I did not have a sham other than the teal one that matched the other side of the quilt, so I stopped by my trusty Goodwill and grabbed a vintage floral one for ($1). Speaking of Goodwill, there are a couple of vintage records on the bigger shelf (Bambi, Winnie the Pooh and Pinocchio) all purchased from Goodwill for $1. ($3) The curtains are tied back with even more scrap fabric tied through some old brackets found in my shed.

That's pretty much it for money spent. Any other accessories are all pilfered from other areas of the house or were gifts waiting in my room until Acadia moved into her own place. And if you are wondering why I did not give you a photo of the part of the room with her crib, it is because it is completely bare. I have a huge paranoia about hanging stuff over a crib and having it fall down on their little baby heads. I am trying to brainstorm something soft that I can put up there as not to cause myself undue anxiety.

And, if you are wondering, Cady loves her new space. She immediately went to her sisters' room and stole some legos to bring to her room so she could play on her nice clean floor.

Grand total for a new guest room/baby girl room: $52. Not too bad, right?


  1. I'm totally with you on the hoops. I like them, but I crave for things to be lined up.


    I like lots of things to be random. So maybe somewhere down the road if you find more hoops on sale and toss them up there, it would look bubbly and more intentional

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow. You have the creativity gene. I can sew and I have the "ability" to do what you just did to that room. But I do not have the vision and the "oomph" to do it! It looks great, and it just blows my mind that it was done with less money than I spend on a pair of shoes. I now have no excuse to have such a utilitarian-looking apartment!

    GREAT job!

  3. Soooooo cute! Keep these ideas coming!
    I'm in the process of decorating Hannah's room right now too. She's had her own room since we moved here but I never had anything for her walls since she used to share with Carsen. It's a flower/butterfly theme so I'm thinking of doing your last project! I've got a 50% off coupon to Michael's too so that would be perfect.

  4. Brilliant, my dear! Love the new look and yes, VERY inexpensive....

  5. This looks amazing! You are so crafty. I'm so jealous. I still haven't printed the photos out for my photo blocks either.Shame on me!

  6. It looks so cute! I did some of those hoops with fabric for Arielle's room too. Now that we have Natey out of his crib, I need to set up her room so I can show it to everyone! Did you finish that shelf this weekend. No rush, I was just wondering!

  7. I had the same concerns about hanging artwork by the crib when my kidlet was wee.

    So I took the pink flower chair pad that Ikea used to sell, hot glued it to some foam core, glueing down the fleece petals to keep them in place. It hangs on the wall and weighs maybe 8 oz, so no worries about it crashing down on her head.