Friday, January 29, 2010

Creative, Free Valentine Printables

I thought I would post some great Valentine printables nice and early. I found a lot of super cute Valentines for children and adults- unfortunately, Ariana's school does not let the kids give out Valentines (grrrr- please take every bit of fun out of school dear public school system), but I will give her a few for her close friends and neighbors.

The Rubber Punkin has some very simple mini cards that might even be used in your honey buns lunchbox for a few days.
I love the simplicity of this card from The Long Thread:
If you like vintage, the RuffledBlog has a sweet Valentine:
Bunny Cakes has a great classroom Valentine that you can download for free or pay $3.50 to have her send you a personalized PDF: She also has the greatest 'Love is All You Need' cards:
Ambrosia girl has some great Moulin Rouge-inspired cards:
Skip to My Lou has a great lollipop holder (do any schools allow that anymore?):
The NewNew Blog has a great printable for your own love-inspired Mad Libs book:
Secret Agent Josephine has some very simple cards for the youngest loves: I love these seed packets and tea gift packs from Tricia Rennea (I was in Lowes today and they already have their spring seeds out, so this is perfect!): Printing your own Valentines is a great way to keep things simple and reduce waste- simply print only what you need. It also gives your children the option to customize different sentiments for different friends.


  1. They built a new school in our neighborhood and we were redistricted to that school. So, Emily was new there as a 5th grader. They sent out a note {{like one week before Valentine's Day}} saying that the kids couldn't exchange cards. Apparently there was such an uproar that they changed their policy. Of course, you have to give a Valentine to each kid... duh!

    So sorry that your school does not do a Valentine exchange. That is pretty pitiful.

  2. Those are beautiful! So what is the reasoning behind the no Valentines at school? We always had to give them to every kid...I just showed certain classmates I really, really liked them by "accidentally" giving them two.

  3. Love love love that "Long Thread" bird card!

  4. Those are such cute ideas! We always had to give a Valentine to everyone. I used to love those things! The little paper bag that we decorated and taped to the front of our desk. So fun!