Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 here I come (possibly with my yoga pants on?)

I really wanted some deep year-end post filled with sage remarks,contemplative ideas and theories... but, alas, I have nothing. It is really just another day for me hanging with my three girls, cleaning my house, changing a poopy diaper or two, maybe taking a shower... possibly putting clothes on that aren't worn in a yoga studio, eating food of questionable nutritional value, maybe braving a trip outside until I decide it is too freakin' cold for humans to sustain... just another day.

For your enjoyment, I went back and found my most popular posts this year. Read up, comment and show me love for the new year... because in 2009 I...

admitted to being the world's worst mom, bought a pair of designer jeans *gasp* (which are way too big now- there's karma for ya.), admitted I was a grammar nazi, revealed my amazing photography skills, discovered at age 33, I still struggle with my body image, had the absolute most terrifying experience in my 9 years as a mother, and then found the lighter side of being naked in an emergency, tried to find a balance with being true to me and not offending and really just had fun sharing my family's life with the world (even at my husbands expense sometimes... ok most times!)

Have a fun filled, adventurous and stress free New Year!


  1. I read a couple of your older posts and will definitely read more! I'm just happy to be blogging again, even if I do have a sleeping baby strapped to me in a Baby Bjorn, am curretnly bouncing on an exercise ball in front of my computer and am listen to piano concertos (because she loves them!). I have missed it! Happy New Year! I have amonth left of maternity leave, we should get together!

  2. Looking forward to another year of your great blog---maybe we can try to get together this year? Hmmmm----a worthy goal, I think...