Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rockin' Kids Music Coming to New Hampshire: Princess Katie & Racer Steve

Everyone knows I love good (non-cheesy) music for my kids. I have discovered a kiddie rock band from New York City called "Princess Katie & Racer Steve". Disney's Family Fun wrote, "Alternative rock-loving parents will dig how much Katie sounds like Natalie Merchant (only much more chipper), and the high-spirited high jinks of Racer Steve will keep their tots in stitches." Annika and Acadia really like their album, Fast & Feisty. It is so upbeat and fun that the girls were dancing fools. And the best part? They are coming to New Hampshire! Cool, right? We rarely get cool shows right here in our very own state!

They will be at the Lebanon Opera House on March 20. I know that is forever away when we are all harried and stressed about the holidays, but I wanted to introduce you to Princess Katie & Racer Steve with a free download of one of their songs to help entertain your little ones during this busy time. Jitterbug has a limited time download of their song, Holiday. Check it out. (You can also check out a couple of their YouTube videos here and here.)

I have a Fast & Feisty CD to give away, but I am going to wait until after the holidays when people have a little more time catch up there favorite blogs. In the meantime, check out their great website and consider grabbing a CD for the little rockers in your life. Make sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming show as well, we know how quickly those family calendars fill up.

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