Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Super Fantastic Christmas Gifts

It's that time again for my Christmas gift recap. On the gift front, it was a fantastic year for me, I got so many great things! My favorites were probably the handmade and repurposed items (via Etsy and Goodwill.) 1. I got a gorgeous scarf from Colby (via It's All in the Bag). I mentioned it on my gift ideas post so he got me a gorgeous blue/ brown motif one (that's not whats pictured here since I wore it all day Christmas and it ended up with gravy/chocolate/baby spit/ etc. all over it.)
2. This is probably my favorite gift... such a fun bracelet that also mentioned on my blog. It is a repurposed camera part fashioned into a bracelet. It is very apropos for me with my love of photography. I am not really a jewelry girl- but this is fantastic. (Check out JDW originals on Etsy.)
3. Ariana got me this great jar/jug at Goodwill. It is the perfect size to make a batch of orange juice for the fridge and takes up no space. And, it is so retro-cute.

I also got a couple of great gifts that are a teeny bit indulgent... and marvelous! 1. My mother got me a real life KitchenAid mixer! Isn't is beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous??? I LOVE IT! It has seriously already made at least 25 batches of baked treat goodness. I can't even believe I made it 15 years with my itty-bitty hand held mixer! And, thanks to a pricing mix-up at Kohls, she even got me the top of the line version!

2. Colby got me the great retro clock- iPod player. I remember my mothers clock similar to this when I was a kid (although her was not the cool turquoise color). It is so fun, I don't think I can even hide it in my bedroom. I'll most likely have to find a place in the common living area for it so everyone can see it.

I got so many great gifts: boxing gloves for my Wii fit, Wii Fit Plus game (I made the mistake of stepping on and measuring myself... yup, definitely gained a lot over the holidays. Argggg) a cute shirt that Annika picked out at Goodwill, aprons that the girls made for me, footie pj's with sock monkey feet (now that's a hot visual, huh?) and lots more.

I am so freakin' lucky. My family gets me... they really do. (Ok, plus they get help from my blog... but that's ok, right?)


  1. LOVE the mixer. Totally domesti-jealous!! I clicked on the photo and saw me in a frame right near it...awe... that's an oldie but a goody, huh?

  2. I'm so glad you like my bracelet. I was floored to see that shot on your page.
    I found your blog via my Etsy - Google analytics, thanks for all the referrals!