Monday, December 7, 2009

Mamas- You Are NOT Crazy....

Have you ever had that discussion about where the matches to socks go... the sock fairy... the dryer eating your socks??? Well, I now know where the socks go....

Right there. That is THIRTY FOUR unmatched socks (and 1 lonely pair of underwear)! THIRTY FOUR! That means 34 times I have searched aimlessly for a match for a single sock!

Oh, where were they, you are asking? The repairman found them *somewhere* in my washing machine. Really? There is a hiding place where 34 socks and one pair of underwear can go undetected? Hmmm, why can't the pair go together? Why is it 34 single socks?

And, of course, I have since thrown away the other 34 when I could not find the match, so these are useless now. At least one of life's big questions has been answered for me.


  1. So the washer really does eat socks, and underwear.

  2. I gave up and went with "closely matched" socks this weekend. Holding out hope that "that place" reveals itself in our house at some point.

  3. These things really do happen. I feel SO vindicated.

  4. Yes, the washing machine eats them! I had a repairman show me how that happened a few years ago and apparently during the spin/suction cycle tiny items can get suctioned into the top part and then just live in the machine...feeling lonely for their missing twin, I guess ;)