Sunday, December 20, 2009

I just finished a 10 hour stint in front of my oven! And I am not even close to done yet with our holiday preparations! Acckkk- the holidays exhaust me. It really is my own fault because I am the Queen of procrastination and this is my kingdom.

I'd love to make this post eloquent and witty and amusing, but I am just too damn tired. I really just wanted to share a few of the easier recipes I used today that came out well with little effort.

First is one from Trey and Lucy, which is one of my most favorite crafty blogs. She has a simple recipe of pretzels, Rolos and pecans that takes 10 minutes, tastes yummy and is a perfect mix of salty and sweet. They went over well at Ariana's piano recital today, so I am adding them to my recipe book.

Next was some White Chocolate Oreo Bark. I finally have a double boiler this year, and this made melting chocolate sooo much easier- you must invest in one if you don't already have one. This recipe is super sweet (helllllooo? Oreos + white chocolate) so I did cut it into tiny bite sized pieces as not to overwhelm any taste buds.

One of my favorite treats are no bake cookies like my mom always made. I altered the idea a little to make it easier for gift baskets by making balls instead of cookies. I achieved this with my awesome new friend: the cookie scoop. This fantastic invention makes every cookie the perfect shape and size... I will blog about this in the future... good stuff.

And just for good measure- here is the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Yup, it's Nestle Tollhouse. It comes out perfect every time... especially with my new KITCHENAID MIXER that I just go for Christmas!!! That's right, my mom got me the Cadillac of all kitchen tools... and I LOVE it! More on that at a later date too.

*Update: Nap Mom suggested No Bake Scotcheroos- I checked out the recipe and they look super-simple and yummy. I will be trying these in the next couple of days.

Do you have any tried and true (but simple enough for us non foodie mom) recipes that you go to when you bake for the holidays? I'd love to add some to my repertoire.


  1. This is making me realize that I have not baked any Christmas cookies this year!!

    I did make some really yummy triple chocolate biscotti for Thanksgiving...

    If I can I'll share the recipe later this week - they are surprisingly easy and really really good!!

  2. I made the no-bake scotcheroos and they were delicious!