Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Hoopla and Activities for December 12 & 13

Ahhh, the holidays are so freakin' hectic! I just want to sit back and relax with the family for one stinkin' evening. Alas, no such luck. So here is some random crap I have floating in my head, at least if I get this out, my head will feel slightly less cluttered.

• First, check out this adorable (and cheap) gift. Great for hostess, mother, sister... $6!

• Amazon and iTunes are both giving the gift of music for the holidays. iTunes has artists from Toby Keith to Weezer and Amazon has Tori Amos to Lady Gaga. Free music... nice.

• Speaking of hectic holidays...
Go here for a free printable of this card. You can tuck a tea bag in it and pass it on to a harried friend, neighbor, coworker, mailman... whatever. It's a cute idea.

• How can you not love Shel Silverstein for your little ones?
We have many of his books here and Ariana absolutely loves them. Shel's final project, Underwater Land, has been released. You can even download in on MP3 and print your own downloaded version of the book. How's that for green? Save on the manufacturing of CD/jewel case/inserts... save on shipping fuel and emissions. Also, if your book becomes tattered (or scribbled on, eaten) as our books do... you can just reprint it. How fun is that? Only $8.99 for the MP3 and 32 page PDF.

There are tons of winter activities this weekend (as if you aren't busy enough) There is the 13th Annual Inn to Inn Cookie & Candy Tour, sleigh rides, appearances by the man in red all over the state, the Boston Pops in Manchester on Sunday, Candlelight Stroll at Strawbery Banke Museum, and Borders free activity this Saturday at 11am is a Beary Good Time stuffed animal show and tell ans storytime. (If you are a Borders rewards member, make sure you print out a 30% off coupon to take with you.)

Ok, I have to thrown in some adorable holiday kids stuff for a smile. Do you remember the lovely gift that my wonderful in-laws gave us years ago... the obnoxious singing Christmas tree that just will NOT die! But, as ear piercing as it is, it really has brought us some of our most memorable holiday moments. Here was Annika with the tree 3 years ago at age 1. (it is sound activated, which explains her squeaking)...

And here is Acadia 3 years later. Apparently, Annika taught her how to dance...


  1. I have all of Shel Silverstiens books, and yes they are mine, the kids have bought most of them for me. He is one of my favorite authors, and if you are in a really bad mood, read a few pages of one of them and you will be laughing before you know it.

  2. I love Shel Silverstien - I have yet to read any to the boys...I really need to.

    And I will now be leaving you to go find that free music you spoke of...who doesn't love free music?!

  3. Great mugs! Love Shel Silverstein books---we have them all----and I love those videos---so adorable!!

  4. The holiday season has my head spinning, too, and I appreciate the gift and activity ideas. Not sure we can squeeze in more outings before the big day, but there's always next year. I also love Shel Silverstein and those mugs look really cool.

    And the videos warmed my heart. Happy holidays!