Friday, December 18, 2009

Creating Memories for Three Generations

I love, LOVE, this picture of me with two of my girls. (If your household is anything like ours, photos including mom are few and far between!) So, not only am I thrilled to actually be in a photo with my girls, we are doing something that we all love to do together... baking. The girls love to cook whether it is breakfast with daddy or baking cookies with mommy. It is one of the rare times we can all work together with little disagreements or arguing. I think gathering in the kitchen to make holiday treats is one of those universal feel good pastimes.

I remember watching my mom bake chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies, homemade birthday cakes... And now, I enjoy spending those same times with my own daughters. This weekend, my parents will be here to celebrate Christmas. I decided to make it extra special for the girls and I and asked my mom if she would mind spending Sunday baking with us. I have a lot of goodies to make for friends, family, coworkers... and I thought it would be a great time to create some fun memories with all three generations in the kitchen. The girls have not even asked about Christmas presents from Grammy and Grampy. All they keep asking is when will they get to bake with Grammy.

Now that is what Christmas is about.

(The bottom photo is of my great grandmother. I am not sure what it is about the photo, but I just love it, especially when coupled with the photo of us in the kitchen.)


  1. Dear Author !
    What talented idea

  2. What a FANTASTIC picture! You guys look so awesome---and it almost looks like an ad---you are all so beautiful!

  3. I think you should photoshop a Mac sitting on the log with your great grandmother and see if anybody notices.

  4. Both pics are just beautiful!

    My mom had a hard time with holidays when we were growing up (still does), but I'm looking forward to creating new traditions--and lots of yummy treats--with my little guys for years to come.

  5. That's wonderful! You really inspire me to try to do more hands on, crafty things with the girls. My oldest loves to bake and I've been trying to do more with her.
    Oh, and no pictures with you in them? Same here. I'm am never in our photos...