Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crafty Mama

I just wanted to update you on the gifts I have vowed to make for Christmas. I didn't want people to think I just make these lists and don't actually use the ideas myself... because... i do!

I have had success with a few of the items so far. First, the scarf:

I finished it just in time to see lots of friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday. I have to say, it was a hit... after about the 6th person complimented the scarf, Colby said, "What the hell is up with the scarf??? What's the big deal?" I am not sure, but everyone seemed to think that it was awful cute. Little did they know it cost less than a dollar to make and it was a 10 minute project. Although I had been concerned about working with the elastic thread, it really was just like using any other thread.

I have also completed two of the tooth fairy teddy bears.

I switched it up a little by using a fuzzy/furry felt since I thought it would be cozier for the girls. This worked great except when it came to sewing the eyes and nose on. The thread got buried in the fur and you couldn't see the face. I decided to go with button eyes to get around this. I could not use buttons for Acadia's bear since they would be a choking hazard, so I just kept sewing over and over the eyes until I built the thread up enough to show over the fur. I think both came out cute... now only 4 more to go!!!


  1. Go You!!! Those are great!! I love the scarf too - men just don't get it - these things are important!!

  2. The scarf came out great. Now I'm itching to get my own machine out!