Friday, December 4, 2009

6 More Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some more cool Christmas gift ideas- although I am crafting most of mine I still can't resist a little fantasizing here and there. Also, if I don't get all my gifts made in time (which is not at all unheard of) I like to have a backup plan.

I was reading one of my fellow mom blogs, Carrin's Comments, and she had this great idea on Christmas gifts. Her cousin gives 5 gifts to each child: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read, and of course, a Santa gift. I wish she had given me this great idea a little sooner! But consider the following gifts under the 'something you want' category...

Boom Boom Cards- these are decks of cards that play up the 'intentional acts of kindness/ pay it forward' theories. You pay $9.99 for a deck (original or youth version) and then when you perform the act, you pass the card on and track the act on the website and see how far forward your kindness is paid. It seems like a fun idea to do with Ariana, so I might buy her the youth version.

There is something so simple and sweet about this felt jewelry craft kit at My Sweet Muffin. I am not a fan of all those cheesy bead kits you get around Christmas time, especially with the choking hazard to my 1 year old, but these felt flowers are just perfect.

This one is my personal favorite- how cute are these bracelets for that photography lover in your life??? LOVE them!!! This Etsy site has a few different choices, check it out.

This is a little out of my price range, but I LOVE it. I would love a custom poster of my girls with this rock star feel. They do baby announcements, greeting cards, etc... but I really would want a big poster... hmmm... maybe Mother's Day??? Check out Rattle & Roll and see all their fun stuff.

I love those handmade scarves from It's All In The Bag. PLUS, she has free shipping for Christmas. She also has the cutest little purses- check her out.

And this is possibly my most favorite toy from Urban Outfitters. Seriously, how cute is this clock with that Tiffany Blue like I have in my bedroom??? AND you can plug an iPod into it- pretty much perfect for the night table.

There you have some more fun Christmas ideas- but you better get going, only 21 shopping days left!


  1. just bought the boom boom cards ... thinking i will split deck & put a few in my xmas cards for my co-workers with a little blurb about it ... they will love it! thanks for the idea!

  2. Somehow I missed this!! Thanks for the shout out!!