Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unique Handcrafted, Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Wow- Christmas will be here before I know it and, as usual, I am totally unprepared. I have committed to making a large portion of our gifts by hand this year and I have even started buying the supplies (not actually making anything yet, but I have lots of shopping bags of supplies!) I thought I might share with you the plethora of easy craft projects I have found on the internet and give you plenty of time to go out and buy all the supplies yourself (you might even MAKE the projects, unlike me so far)

My first project I decided on was a Tooth Fairy Teddy Bear that I saw on Martha Stewart. I The Tooth Fairy always hates digging around under the childs pillow for the tiny tooth wrapped in toilet paper, so this little teddy bear holds in handy until I the Tooth Fairy can get to the tooth.

I have purchased my felt and some large needles and embroidery thread from my local craft store for this project. Hopefully it goes quick because I'd like to make 6 of them!

My next project is some cool decoupaged blocks. I have purchased 100 1" blocks for only $18 (including shipping) That should get me at least 5 sets for gifts. You can either do some nice alphabet blocks, use vintage paper to make decorative blocks for a shelf or sill or use photos to make a fun activity for the kids. The possibilities are endless. EHow has a quick tutorial on how to decoupage on the blocks.

I have not bought any supplies, but I thought making a terrarium for each girl would be fun. They wouldn't have to work too hard to take care of them, but I know they would enjoy having something of their own to take care of. MooMama has a great tutorial on how to make your own. Or I found a great mason jar terrarium tutorial at Craftzine. I also found some cute accessories here and I hear that pet stores have some fun stuff in the aquarium section.

I found a super easy tutorial for a super cute scarf over at HopeStudios. I have purchased my jersey fabric from Joann's already and if you use one of their 40% off coupons (almost always available with a quick Google search) this can be a very inexpensive, yet beautiful gift. Wish me luck, since I have never sewn with the elastic thread, so I am really hoping this turns out well!

Design Sponge offers up this cute tutorial on alphabet cards. I want to make these for Annika since she is just really getting into writing her letters. I also think it would be a fun project for myself, Colb and Ariana to do as a family gift for her.

This butterfly collage is something I have already created for Ariana. It is easy and great for little girls. I was inspired by Ali Edwards and bought all the supplies at Michaels. Again, search for a 40% off coupon online and you can buy the butterfly punch for $4-$5. You can then punch butterflies from junk mail or magazines, which makes the project very inexpensive.

As I have mentioned before, I like paper dolls for my girls. So I was psyched to find a whole book that I can download for free. All I have to do is print and assemble it on cardstock and it will be an adorable little gift!

It may seem like a boring gift, but I am going to make some Boo Boo Bags. If you have kids, you also know how often boo boos occur... as in daily! We have one rice bag that Colby's aunt gave us 10 years ago and it has been a lifesaver. And now, with 3 girls, the chances of having at least 2 injuries at once (like when the knock their heads together) is much higher. So I figured I could make each girl her own and they will be psyched. I just need to stop at Joanns and pick up a couple of cute fabric squares and these will be one of the quicker projects to complete.

Don't Eat Pete- I found this cute game at Executive Homemaker that I can print, laminate and it will be quite fun. You might think it is such a simple gift, but it is just these type of things that will keep my kids occupied for hours... AND it involves M&M's, so you can go wrong. I will just package the laminated game with a bag of M&M's and it will be easy peasy.

Holy cow! Now that I have written this all down, I see that I might have to hole up in my house for the next 5 weeks to complete them all! Why do I always bite off more than I can chew???? Anyhow, I hope you find some great ideas here and if you have any more please share.


  1. These are fantastic!! I love the blocks and the teddy bears!!!

  2. That sounds like a lot of work in a month! Hop to it girl! I think I am done crafting for a minute. The mobile I just made wiped me out!

  3. those blocks and the terrarium look awesome!

  4. Wow! Great ideas!!! I love the tooth fairy bears and the boo boo bags. I am definitely going to make those :) I don't think I can get 19 done for my first graders but MAYBE they can make their own???

  5. The boo boo bags and Don't Eat Pete game look fabulous. Sorry - I was so busy drooling over the terrarium that I overlooked the other great ideas!

  6. That scarf is FANTASTIC!! I hope it turns out well!! I have never sewn with elastic before either but wow what a cool effect it gives to the scarf!!

    Thank you!
    Jenn (free Christmas crafts ebook!)

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