Friday, October 23, 2009

Tattoo You

*This post is totally not a hint at all and if you see any resemblance to you or any event involving you, it is totally a coincidence.*

You all know I love to give ideas on gifts, especially around holidays and special events. One I have not covered is birthdays for that special someone (and I am not talking about those little special someones). I think that a birthday is a very special day. It is the one day of the year that is your own special holiday. You do not need to share the adulation with anyone. I think it is the one day of the year you should be spoiled. You should get exactly what you want, no matter how silly, crazy, mundane or selfish. (Remember the whole designer jeans debate?)

One great gift that will last and can be beautiful, fun, individual and cathartic is the gift of a tattoo. Most people don't budget tattoos into their spending, so getting one is truly a gift. Especially if you couple it with a day out, away from the kids, with a girlfriend. Imagine if you were such a great husband that you could say, "Ok, honey, you go out today. I will take care of the 3 kids. I have arranged for your wonderful, smart, funny friend to go with you while her husband takes care of their 3 kids. You ladies relax, get lunch, go get a couple of tattoos and we will wrangle the 6 kids all day." Can you imagine what a great husband you would be then? Do you know how much all the other wives would love you? They would be so jealous of your wife and her amazing husband! You want to be the cool guy on the block, right?

Just an idea.

*This is not a sponsored post and I was totally not paid or coerced by anyone to write it. Definitely not by a beautiful blond with a birthday coming up.*


  1. Not only would that be one of the best bdays (my bestie & I went and got tatts for my bday one year!) but you're hubbys would deserve a gold medal! Or a blow job....which ever works for the man;)

  2. hmmmmm....well if "someone" doesn't get the hint...I totally did and if I could afford it I would totally take us out for tattoos!!! (are you still going to Aiming Low on Monday? I am excited I managed to get a hair appointment squeezed in on Saturday so I won't look completely disheveled - only partly)

  3. Wow, what a great idea! I would totally agree that might earn him a bj maybe even one everyday for a week.

  4. Oh and I forgot to tell you that it is a total coincidence that your picture has the tatoos on the wrist because when I get my next one that is where I am putting it.

  5. My latest tattoo is "jacob" on the inside of my left wrist. Its gorgeous.

    I get all mine done on company time,btw. Its a way to stick it to the man.