Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas (or What The Hell Was Mommy Thinking?)

This Saturday we are hosting out first ever pumpkin carving party. This is the fun invite that I sent out (of course I have removed my address so that you all don't show up at my house with your pumpkins on Saturday!) I let Ariana invite 8 little girls thinking that usually half can't make it. Guess what, it's a dull weekend here in NH, and they are ALL coming. Yes, 8 little girls, plus my 3 girls... at my house spewing pumpkin guts about and then sleeping over! What was I thinking (is what my husband keeps saying)?

So, of course, consummate party planner that I am, I have had to research a few cool things to add to the fun. I thought I might share in case any of my friends are planning a pumpkin carving or Halloween party. I might not use all of these ideas, but I will post an update of the ones I do try...

Family Fun has a great How To on making these eyeballs on a fork. These seem very simple so I might just do these.

Family Fun has this great idea. Very cute AND healthy. I will be the coolest mom in the neighborhood.

Martha Stewart has this tutorial for these witch cupcakes and they look awesome, but I think I am going with some simpler ones with spiders on them just to save me a little time.

I am going to try a game of pin the face on the jack-o-lantern. I do not have a link for this tutorial, it seems self explanatory.

Check out Puchi Printables for some super cute retro jack-o-lantern printables that I will be using to decorate.

I came across a party game that I am not sure I am brave enough to try... it is squirt the jack-o-lantern with a squirt gun. If it is warm enough, we might try it on the deck... if not, we might forgo that one.

I found free printable stencils for the pumpkins here and here. And Disney Princess stencils to print here (these will be popular.)

There is also an adorable printable paper doll that you can dress up for Halloween over at Babalisme.

•Update: See how the party turned out here.


  1. I'm NOT brave enough to do this at my house... but... this would be a blast for a girl scout troop. Great ideas. Can't wait to hear all 'bout it!

  2. These all look great! And you are NUTS to have this party!! Guts everywhere!! We're thinking of just going with the Mr. Potato head style pumpkin decorations this year.

  3. my mom would have scavenger hunts for us when we were little. We lived where we could knock on neighbor's doors (is the world still like that?) but she would set things up indoors for us too.

    Sometimes it was a huge list, sometimes she would bust open a roll of pennies and hide them in the house and we had to find them. Of course the rule was that they were never hidden somewhere that we would have to tear something apart or climb to reach them!

  4. Hey Michele,

    We had a great time at the pumpkin carving party. You did such a great job on everything!! Thank God you made it through the sleepover! LOL!! You are a brave woman!!

    Jen, Emily and Molly