Monday, October 19, 2009

Like Kermit, Going Green: The Children's Edition

Of course our endeavor to live more simply has to include the kids. Thankfully, Ariana has a good grasp on treating the earth with respect- way more than I ever did at her age. But, it is obviously an ongoing effort with all 3 girls to lead them by example and to educate them.

The internet has some great sites to keep kids interested in living sustainably:
The EPA has science experiments, printable activity books, games art projects and more.
KidsPlanet has great online interactive games. (Ariana has tested these and enjoys them.)
National Wildlife Federation has some great adventures with Ranger Rick (you all remember him, right???)
Nickelodeon even has a green zone with games with favorite Nick characters (iCarly Cafeteria Recylorama- what 9 year can resist that?)

And here are a few random products that I love for my kids:

This snack cup is a lifesaver. The kid can put their hand in to get the snack- but the snack won't spill everywhere! Why don't I think of these things??? Its also BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free

Here is a tutorial from Lu Lu Bird on how to make a boo boo bag. If you make these homemade ones, you avoid the chemical ones sold at retailers. We have a homemade one that must get used 3-4 times per week. I actually need to make a couple of more now for each child.

I have actually mentioned this product before- but with the swine flu- this teether is even more relevant. Smart Mom markets jewelry that doubles as teethers and they are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free. Now you can be sure that you have something on you at all times for the baby to chew on so she is not sticking random things in her mouth.

Do you have any great products or websites to help get the kids involved with going the way of Kermit?


  1. The necklace/teether? Genius? Why can't I think of these ideas? It only takes one, but I have none. Booo....

  2. The blonde in the picture is kinda cute.

  3. We have that snack cup and it is great for the car. I am so getting one of those necklaces! Fashion and function! I'm sold!