Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Need To Trade My Husband In

When I met my husband, it was on the job... he was an electrician. Score... right? I can always have the coolest light fixtures, outlets wherever I want them and I'll never have to change a light bulb again... Well... not so much. At any given time we have at least 3 light bulbs that need changing (until I get around to doing it!)

But I shouldn't have married an electrician anyhow... What I really need is a plumber! Seriously. In five years of living here, we have had to call on the services of our local plumbing and heating company at least once a year. And I am not talking simple preventative maintenance here. We have had major issues: the main sewer pipe breaking in the crawlspace under our house, basically rebuilding the whole furnace, running baseboard heat around our whole addition. I am talking thousands (and thousands) of dollars! I think when my name comes up at the office, the plumbers draw straws to see who gets the short one. (The poor guy who had to lay in the crawlspace with our raw sewage that had been emptying into it for weeks came out of that space after many LONG hours swearing like... well... a plumber. I never saw him again.) And then there are the guys that have to fit into a closet about 4' tall and about 10 square feet that houses our furnace. Michele Horne needs a service call??? Not it!

Although, I have had great luck with most of them being hot, so that is something. Because you know when I answer the door with a baby on one hip and a 3 year old wiping her snot on the other- they totally want me. And then I have fuel for my Desperate Housewives-slash-porno movie plumber fantasy.

Anyhow, back to my husband. Does anyone have a plumber I can trade him in for? I just can't afford these outrageous bills anymore and I am not getting the bang for the buck out of the electrician.

Oh, and if your plumber could look like James Denton, that would rock. Thanks!


  1. I've got a bald banker I'm willing to lend out!

  2. ooooh ... i have an electrician too ... maybe we can make the trade of 2 electrians for the really hot plumber who may also mow the lawn & we can share?

  3. I got nothing...well no I got the ticket guy, which is cool cause I go to a lot of shows. I also have a daddy who thank god knows how to do plumbing, oh and Jeff knows an electrician, so that is helpful.

  4. Sorry---mine is a woodworker----could only build things and re-do your library/study area....