Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Recap

Here are some quick thoughts on our Halloween evening....

my ladybug, witch and 50's girl were just too cute.
4 year old REALLY understood halloween this year.
fed them hot dog mummies for dinner.
might as well bat 1000 on poor nutrition for the night.

had fun with old friends in a new neighborhood.
4 boys who grew up together 30 years ago...
and now they take their children trick or treating.
but there are no smashed pumpkins, egg throwing or tp... yet.

dear 14 year old girl in french maid costume with garter:
where the hell are your parents?
i am mortified. scared.
who the hell stole all the Y chromosomes from my gene pool.
mortified. scared.

dear assholes driving 40mph through the neighborhood on halloween:
you suck!
next year i will bring eggs.

didn't see the ice cream truck this year.
last year he gave out candy cigarettes.

dear lady whose door annika just opened up and walked in:
i am sorry.
my children clearly have no shame... or manners... and really like candy.

dear lady who called out to me specifically to give acadia some animal crackers:
i love you.
acadia loves you.
that was the only treat she got all night in her lonely pumpkin bag.

dear ally:
thank you for the girls' pumpkin bags.
they love their personalized bags and it cuts down on confusion.
(note to self: great gift idea.)

noticed a fire hydrant was ill placed directly in the center of someones lawn.
that must suck.
why is it there?
i would not buy that house.

i was the good mom who bought the hand sanitizer on the way to trick or treat.
i was the bad mom who forgot it in the truck.

there was an unfortunate accident that took the life of a little girls sea monkeys.
she was devastated.
the man who originally marketed sea monkeys also invented x-ray glasses.

the girls got about 10 pounds of candy.
colby and i will eat about 7, throw away about 2.9 and then they can eat the rest.

I love watching senior citizens and the adoration they have for the little ones coming to their door.
I am sure it is a highlight in some lives.

and now to fight with kids over the candy every 10 minutes until I get sick of it and throw it all away.


  1. Dear mother of the the two 13 year old girls that ended up at my house until midnight,
    Your girls are not as innocent as you think they are and why would you let them go to a high school boys' house? I don't care if you called me to make sure I was home. These are HIGH school boys. Next time, please be more prompt in picking them up.
    Parents of very horny teenage boys everywhere.

  2. i saw 2 14 yr old girls dressed as playboy bunny's handing out candy ... the mom was standing proudly beside her daughter getting tickled by her daughters bunny ears! .... i kept hearing 'i would never let my daughter do that' along the streets, finally when i got to the house ... i knew what everyone was talking about ... how can that be ok?

  3. I was upset by some of the sexy costumes I saw on underaged girls myself! It's official, I will be hand making all of my daughter's costumes so there will be no chance of sexy happening!

    Sounds like you had your hands full but had fun! I, dressed as a witch chased my caped crusader through the neighborhood and had to keep him from "bamming" every teenager dressed as the Joker. I only failed once.

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