Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodwill Rocks

I stopped at Goodwill the other day to get some Halloween costume supplies (got everything for Annika's witch costume for $6 and Acadia's ladybug for $5). I always get sucked in to looking around for unique houseware items. That day, the vinyl records were calling me... as I perused through them, I was really taken by the artwork. It came to me that these could make for some great pieces to hang in the nursery/ guest room. Some of the children's records had gorgeous covers and some brought back some wonderful memories.

For only 99¢, I could not resist buying a few...they are so sweet as artwork in a child's room. AND then to top off my day, while looking for info on the albums, I came across this site that has not only the album cover art, but MP3's of these records! Seriously, everything from Grimm's Fairy Tales to Jack and the Beanstalk to The Princess & The Pea in a free downloadable MP3. I already made Annika a CD with a few of the stories. Hopefully she will love to hear them as she falls off to sleep. You should really go to that site, it is one of those finds on the internet that makes just makes me smile.
Oh, and I could not resist a couple of pieces of art for myself. I happen to love Cat Stevens and this album cover will look great hanging on my wall.

And I am not a Tull fan, but I thought this cover was very interesting.

Also... today I had a great opportunity to guest post on another New England mama's blog. My Messy Paradise is a blog written by a mom in Massachusetts who is also raising little girls. She is a really funny lady and I am honored she chose me to write her guest post (ok she just had nothing else to talk about and I was a last resort but, hey, nobody needs to know that, right?)

Go check it out and leave her & I your tips on raising a young lady.


  1. Last resort? No way, lady! I actually had a bunch of new ideas this week, but your post was too good not to use! I almost feel guilty not giving it back to use on your own blog...almost ;-)
    Thanks again!

  2. how did I miss this post?
    we have our basement wallpapered in album covers. I love it!

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!