Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Barbie Cake

Here she is. Four freakin' hours of blood sweat and tears. Well, maybe no blood or tears... but I definitely sweat. I thought I'd give a blow by blow if anybody else wants to make a Barbie cake for their princess.

I got the kit at Michaels a few years ago to make the cake for Ariana. You can buy generic Barbie torsos there as well, but they look really cheesy. I got a real Barbie with a coupon for free so I used her.

You just need to make a recipe that yields 5 or 6 cups of batter (around the amount to make a 2 layer cake.) From the experience with making a cake for Ariana, I came to realize that it is nearly impossibly to get this shape of cake to cook evenly. (I tried 3 times when I made Ariana's!) You might have to settle with it being slightly overdone on the outside.

Here is the fun part... remove Barbie's legs (she's pretty tough, it took some pliers!) The cake skirt is just slightly short for her to be put in with her legs.

I made cupcakes to go with the cake since there is really no place to put candles and I did not want to scar Annika with a memory of her fourth birthday and a flaming Barbie head.

2 essential tools when I am baking... my Hamilton Beach mixer which is he oldest appliance in my kitchen, given to me by my mom when I moved out a week after I graduated *uh-hmm, 15 years ago*. Yes, I would love a KitchenAid mixer, but my $9.99 mixer from Ames will do for now. Also, I have to have my ITunes cranking on the IPod or laptop... how can you cook without tunes?

Ok, here she is after 50 minutes of baking and a coat of frosting. To get this dark pink, I had to use a full bottle of food coloring. I would highly suggest one of those spinney cake trays that she is on. It was way easier to turn the cake tray than to walk around the island while frosting a cake. It was only $6 with a coupon at Michaels, money well spent.

And the details that I cut out from fondant. I have discovered that I really like working with this stuff, it's really fairly easy. I also got that at Michael's- I didn't go too crazy though since I knew she would soon be devoured.

Aaannnd SCENE!

*Mom, can I just say thank you soo much for the Cookie Monster cake and the Strawberry Shortcake cake... and all the others that you made by hand. I now know what you put into those cakes and, albeit 30 years late, I am very appreciative.

Oh, and anyone that wants to borrow the Barbie cake mold, let me know- buying one of these for one use is just plain wasteful.

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