Tuesday, October 20, 2009

1 year old and I love her!

I just love her so much I can't help but smile every single time she walks into the room. One year olds are just the perfect stage... not laying around like a lump puking on herself but not yet old enough to think she is smarter than me and not afraid to tell me so.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

I love watching her imagination grow. Like when she is putting the Little People in the town and walking them around.

I like that supersoft spot on the side of her head that is always silky smooth and warm when I am kissing her a hundred times.

I love her beaming smile with those 4 lone teeth that she has had for months now.

I love when I put her in her crib, she looks up at me with a smile as her baby fingers absentmindedly start smoothing the edge of her pink blanket.

I love watching the smile spread across her face as Ariana walks into the room.

I love that she will kiss us over and over and cuddle into my chest and hug me and love me...

I love watching her snuggle into the Dora couch that both of her sisters have loved for so many years. Pulling in blankets and babies and her Boppy like she is making a cozy nest.

I love when I give her a stern "No", she giggles and turns quickly to run away.

I love her eyes and ears- because they are my eyes and ears.

I love when the 5 of us sit down to dinner, she joins in the conversation with loud squeals and laughter. She loves to be part of the family.

I love when we go through the construction area that she squeals, "Ahhhhhhhhhh..." so that she hears her voice bouncing around with each bump.

What am I thinking? I love pretty much every stinking thing about her. I keep asking her to stay my baby Cady-bear, but I don't think she's listening.


  1. She's beautiful and sounds as sweet as can be. I love the one-year-old stage, too, but also adore age two. That's as far as I've got. Hopefully three will have some redeeming qualities to keep me from missing this time too much.

    Great meeting you at Aiming Low!