Tuesday, September 15, 2009

People of Walmart Beware

I am sure you have all seen the PeopleofWalmart site by now... and I am sure you have all had a good laugh, right? It is pretty remarkable stuff and definitely worthy of a snicker. The website has gotten so much press that it was actually on the Today Show the other day. One of the hosts of the show called it 'elitist'. What?

Give me a break. The website is picking on poor people? Um, no. It picks on ignorant, attention seeking kooky people. Being poor doesn't explain this...

I mean, he had to buy that shirt, right?

I grew up quite poor... I have lived in a trailer (in a trailer park), in a home with no indoor plumbing... pretty much with nothing. HOWEVER... I never went to Walmart looking like this...

or this...

I know full well that there is a correlation between income and education level. However, common sense is free!

"Hey, Michele, it's me, your common sense. I know you are gearing up to go on your Walmart outing. Make sure you don't wear those shorts that are 4 sizes too small because they do nothing for you..."

"Hey, Michele, it's me again. Make sure when you are at Walmart you don't put any plastic bags over the kids' heads while you are shopping. And if you forget, there is a handy little warning on every single plastic bag ever manufactured..."

Yes, our society judges people outside the norm. But, for the most part I like what we have chosen as a norm. I like that I can shop at Lowe's and people aren't fornicating in the plumbing aisle. I like that I can go out to dinner and people aren't pooping on my table. I like that people aren't allowed to eat eachother. But some people like to go outside of what is called normal behavior and therefore call attention to themselves.

If you want to call attention to yourself by being outlandish, silly, half naked, outspoken... so be it. Don't complain when your picture ends up on the internet that it's because you are fat/poor/ugly/uneducated... There are lots of ugly, fat, poor, uneducated poeople out there who will not be made a public spectacle of because they don't go out in public looking like this...

All these pictures came directly from the PeopleOfWalmart website.


  1. oh my! I had never heard of that! (probably because I'm busy doing the same thing in my town :)!)

    thanks for posting that. it makes me feel pretty.

    and tolerant.

  2. I got a good laugh out of this one!

  3. Getting caught up on some of the posts I've missed in recent weeks (it's been busy!). I LOVE "People of Walmart." I grew up in TN and moved to MA for college, and I told a friend of mine that "People of Walmart" makes me a bit homesick. My town in TN boasts THREE 24-hour Walmart stores with all sorts of stunning clientele. Mercifully we're hate-speech-sweatshirt free.