Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mommy's Fun Indoor Activities

As summer slips away, we will have to start coming up with more indoor activities to keep the little ones entertained. I thought I might share a couple that we tried recently...

Natural Music Makers:
I got this idea from If you are like me, you have a trash bag full of plastic Easter eggs hanging around. I had Annika go outside and get 5 objects (she picked grass, leaves, rocks, acorns and sticks) I then put some into the eggs and asked Annika how loud she thought it would be when we shook it (she guessed pretty accurately). Then I mixed them up and asked her to identify what was inside (again, she did very well). After that we let Acadia play with them, which caused huge giggles from her. (* Big asterisk here: Do not leave the little ones unattended, it's clearly a choking hazard if the egg open up.)

Plastic Baggie Ice Cream:
You can get the recipe from many sites, but I used Ohdeedoh. The kids clearly loved this since we rarely have ice cream in our house. It works out well since it only makes a 1/2 serving for each child and they really deserve it after shaking that bag for 15 minutes! (Ok, I had to take over after 5.) We just made plain vanilla, but we will try chocolate next.

Paper Dolls:

Do your children have American Girl Dolls? Well, mine don't. But they sure do love the catalog and the last time we received it, they made me cut out every stinking doll and piece of clothing so that they could 'try' the different outfits on them. It was actually really cute and reminded me of when I used to play with paper dolls as a little girl. It provided hours of fun and lots of imagination. Of course, with the internet, you can find a million different printables now, but my favorite is McCalls which is scans from the original magazine dating back to the 50's. Really cute stuff. But you can also print anything from gnomes to Johnny Depp! I am planning on laminating some that the girls really like so that they will last longer. I might even add some velcro to make it even easier for little hands to dress and undress them.

There's my mommy tip for the month, enjoy!

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