Saturday, September 12, 2009

Irony, Sweet Irony

This sign was posted at the school... the school that did not offer my daughter the opportunity to see the President speak. The same school that did not even broadcast the Presidents inauguration! Seriously. Where they can't celebrate Christmas (or any other holiday in December) Where they can't dress up and have cupcakes for Halloween.

Remember when we were kids? We got to sit in front of the TV and watch the Challenger launch right from our classroom. We got to wear bloody vampire Halloween costumes and eat copious amounts of sugar candy. We had cute little Christmas trees in the classroom (and maybe a menorah as well) We went on field trips to Shaker Village and the state house. We actually had things to look forward to. The smartest kids progressed quicker and the children who needed extra help got remedial classes.

Now... there are no field trips for fear someone might fall off a stair and a litigious family will sue. There are no holiday celebrations because, lord forbid, someone might call the school and complain that they are not celebrating Boxing Day. No Halloween as my daughter dressing up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is just too off-putting for somebody. Children can not be taught anything outside of the box or not on 'the test' since we can't leave anyone behind (but we sure don't mind holding kids back).

Since Ariana is my first child to go through school, I have to wonder if it is just her school... just her teachers??? If I did not value the social aspect of school as much as I do, I would absolutely home school my kids (well, that, and if I thought I could stand being around all 3 of them 24 hours per day!)

Any private school out there need a social media maven in return for a full scholarship? I work hard for the money... uh... I mean scholarship. Or I could install drywall, paint your school, be a kick ass lunch lady (I cook a mean beef stew), a rock star librarian (I already have the glasses), a secretary (I am up to 4 fingers when I type), school mascot (I am experienced in doing cartwheels in a tiger suit)... I can pretty much do anything... just get my kids out of this public school hell hole! PLEASE!!!


  1. Actually, my son gets to celebrate Halloween,----but not much else---we live in a different world, for sure....

  2. this is SUCH my problem right now! Thank you for this post. I'm so tired of the PC billshut that is plaguing us. Why can't my kid celebrate Christmas and Hannukah (Channakah? Channuka? maybe if we could celebrate it I could effing spell it) and Kwanza and just plain old winter? And Easter and Spring and Halloween and and and and.

  3. Just a side note, the no child left behind act, means that we can not hold childern back either, so if your child reads at a second grade level, and is in 7th grade, that is okay, because the goverment said so.

  4. Wow! No, we don't have these problems in my town. I'm not a big public school fan either. Nonetheless, my kid is in public school. They go on field trips and celebrate halloween... with a parade and everything. I would be so mad if I were you. On the other hand, I was a but offended when her school promoted Obama to the students. I had no problems with Obama... but they had a school song dedicated to him and everything. It's fine to support the President... but her school (she's now in a new school) was, as she put it, "an Obama lovin' school, mom!" Now, that was a but much for me... and I liked the guy.

  5. Not sure where you live, but my son goes to a great private school in Peterborough and they have all sorts of opportunities to work at the school to pay for your child's tuition AND they have preschool :)

  6. Hey...I agree with you 100%. BS that our kids can't celebrate the holidays, have fun field trips, learn at the level that matches their abilities, watch our president on the TV when he is speaking directly to them, etc. All of this is exactly the same in our schools...very frustrating.