Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Screwed Again.

Last year Colby and I decided we should put Annika into preschool this year to give her a little socialization (not that being with me 24 hours a day isn't completely awesome!) So I called the school and asked the process to sign her up... I am pretty sure I heard the lady laugh under her breath at me. "There are no openings for next year."

"Ummm, ok, can I sign her up for the following year?"

"Well, you can try, but there is a waiting list and then a lottery."

A lottery? You now have to win the lottery to get into preschool? Does that have an annuity option or just a one time payout???

I have heard great things about this preschool, but I can't even get in a year and a half ahead of time? I guess I better get on the list now for Acadia!

So yesterday I ran into a mom at the pool who has a daughter that is also 3. I asked (with great disdain) if her daughter had 'made it into' preschool. She said "Well, we didn't originally, but we ended up getting lucky. (Sweet, I am going to find out the inside secret on how to finagle a way in...) "At her 3 year checkup, we found out she is behind on her speech.' (Lucky??? Hmmm..) "So that earned her a spot at preschool." I guess I looked a little (ok, completely) perplexed, so she continued on, "There are only a couple of spots open at the preschool for 'normal' children. The rest are reserved for special needs."

Damn it all! It happened again! Just because my children are healthy and well adjusted, we get the short end of the stick. Ariana is constantly held back from her full potential due to our wonderful education system, and now Annika can't even begin her education in our local school system since she is normal (wait, is being overbearing, loud, wild, and high-energy normal?).

The mother suggested that I take her to her pediatrician to get her tested for some sort of impediment that might get her in. Really? I should have to find something wrong with my kids to get them a proper education? No thank you.

Don't get me wrong, I would not take away from the children who need the extra help. But why can't there be enough to go around so everyone can learn? The whole 'no child left behind' really isn't true since my kids are clearly being left behind.


  1. I understand about the frustrations involved in getting your kids started in school. I found myself at the school parking lot at 4:00 in the morning when it was time to enroll my oldest in kindergarten. Out of 30 slots I was number 27.

  2. WTF, That parent is very lucky! (huh)

  3. Well, I've gotta admit that my little guy was tested because he didn't talk well----and he got both his preschool years paid for by the state of NH! He was classified as "delayed development".

    I must admit that I was a bit glad....

    Sorry about yours, though---good luck!