Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Thought Roundup (In other words: Time To Clean Out my Head)

It's been a couple of weeks since I did a roundup and it is well overdue, I have a ton of crap taking up valuable space in my head...

• First off: What he hell is up with these t-shirts by Hollister??? Although I have never shopped there, I know they market to preteens and teens. I really can not even put together a cohesive reproval for this company since I simply can't wrap my head around the thought process of marketing these shirts. "Legal-ish"???? Really? Although I did say that I did not agree with judging other parents, I have to say, if I saw your teenage daughter wearing this shirt, I would have to seriously call into question your parenting skills. It is even skeevier than "Hottie" written across a 12 year-olds ass in her short shorts.

• As I watched the man in front of my in the grocery check purchase 12 heads of lettuce, 12 gallons of milk and 3 cases of Moxie, I really, REALLY wanted to ask what he was possibly going to do with that stuff. But I didn't. And now I will forever wonder....

• When I told a man at work that I only work 5am-7am, he commented "It's good to get away from the old man for at least a coupla hours, huh?" Yeah.. the old man. We like to take our dentures out and watch Matlock every night while we do our crossword puzzles and recall stories of our youth.

• I finally finished Catcher In The Rye (6 freakin' weeks later!) I had this urge to read it since it's a classic and I had absolutely no recollection of the first time I read it and I like to sound smart in conversations when people talk about how it's one of the best novels of the 20th century (yes, my friends and I frequently sit around my fire pit drinking beer and discussing world literature... No, not really, but if we do, I want to be in the know) So I found it at this quaint little book store (Ok, Walmart next to the 8000 different 'Chicken Soup for the....' books) and read it every night until I feel asleep. Which, obviously, was about 1 page per night since it took a month and a half to read. And why??? Because it is a ridiculous story of a whiny teenage boy who is completely self absorbed ('a male that is self absorbed?' you ask? I know, I know, quite a character stretch there.) And I am one of those people who can not stop reading a book that I have started or I feel like a complete quitter, so I pushed through it. But I should have quit- it is a bildungsroman (coming of age story) and since I have come of age- it should be saved for the high school curriculum. Ironically, I am now starting Siddhartha, which I discovered is another bildungsroman story... wish me luck.

• Fantasy Football season has begun. My kind husband is the commissioner of the league and you think I'd have some sort of upper hand over the other players? Noooo... he scheduled the draft while I was away partying with my girlfriends last weekend. So, I got the luck of the draw with autodraft and I am calling it- I will finish in the top 50% this year. I do have Tom Brady, after all.

Ok, my head is clean- look out tomorrow for a much more coherent post.


  1. Love your rants or random thoughts---great stuff---especially those tee shirts----huh? what are they thinking?