Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

I just thought I would share my latest project here. I can't believe I forgot a before picture... but I did! So, all you can see is my new 'after' in all it's glory. I wanted to group some of my favorite things in my kitchen and here it is.

I really like that hint of blue in a kitchen, although my kitchen is currently a yellow and dark red coordination, so I have to be very careful with my blue or it will start to look like a clown car.

Notice the super cute juice glasses... I love, love, love them. And guess what? $1 for all 3 at Goodwill. Score!

The antique glass bottles came from various places but, when I lived in Littleton, NH, there was this awesome salvage yard (ADMAC Salvage) that had the coolest stuff- and I got a few bottles there.

The scrolled wire frame was a 30th birthday present from some wonderful friends, I think it showcases my mothers photo quite well.

The photo of Acadia below the shelf is very sweet in the antique frame acquired from... Goodwill as well. I also scored the brass pitcher and bucket from Goodwill a few years back. I saw them at TJ Maxx for about $15 each- then low an behold I found almost identical ones at Goodwill for $2 each! Can you see why I go there at least twicw a week and scour the housegoods department???

A couple of new things on the shelf are the colanders. I have always loved the look of the old school metal colanders and with that gorgeous Tiffany's blue, how could I resist???

You'll also notice 3 rusty pie plates hanging on the wall to the right. The came from my birth father and are original Table Talk Pie plates. They are so unique with their original 5¢ and 10¢ redemption engraved in them.

You probably see our Presto popcorn popper on the bottom of the side table. I really love that my kids get to pop their popcorn the old fashioned way and use the same popper that mommy and daddy remember.

These are a few of my favorite things....



  2. You made some great Goodwill finds! Thanks for sharing!