Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Party Baby!

We held our annual party last weekend and it went great. One of the biggest hits was my sand pail o' cake. It was fairly easy to make and really did look like a bucket of sand... right? (Please excuse the awful picture, I meant to take a better one before it made it to the table. But in normal 'I-have-a-million-things-to-do-for-this-party' fashion, I forgot.)

Would you like to know the secret to make one yourself... well here you go.

• Make a simple box cake 13"x9"(I made on version with chocolate and one with vanilla)
• Make 2 boxes of instant pudding. (I used the flavors that corresponded to the cake.) Let pudding set.

• For the topping: I used my super duper Magic Bullet to make crumbs from 2 types of cookies. I used Sandies and Nilla Wafers. (The Sandies alone were too moist and the Nilla wafers were too dry. But you could just use one or the other) Quantity really depends on how thick you want your sand topping to be. I had 1 box of each the Sandies and the Nilla Wafers and ended up making 4 buckets. If you don't have a Magic Bullet or food processor, just smash the cookies in a plastic bag with a hammer.

• For medium buckets (approx. 9' tall) one cake and 2 boxes of pudding made 2 buckets.

• Cut the cooled cake into chunks (mine were around 2"x1") Layer chunks of cake with an inch or so of pudding. Keep layering until about 2" from the top of the bucket and then add your 'sand'.

• Stick your shovel in and possible add some candy shells for decoration and... voila!

I made mine right before the party and refrigerated them. I was concerned that if I made them the night before, the cake would get soggy. Mine did not end up soggy at all, but it was nice and moist and it was a huge hit.

Add a game of musical beach towels, a limbo contest, a treasure hunt in the sandbox, lots of beach balls and you have yourself a beach party right in your back yard.

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