Thursday, July 30, 2009

Local Blogs in Northern New England

Here is a list of local blogs that I have found. Please contact me if you have one and want to be added.

A Dad's Life: The view of life from a father in Mass.
Abigail's Mommy: A money saving mom in Maine.
Blogged by (m): Great photos and a personal look into her life.
Domestic Lifestyle: NH Homeschooling mom.
Happily Average: Just your average American family located in Massachusetts.
Little Kite Girl: Interesting, but I can't describe her... just go see.
Little Princess Chronicles: A Mass. mom with... you guessed it... little princesses.
Living the Local Life: She has great tips on trying to eat and live locally for the health and enjoyment of her family on the seacoast of NH!
Miguelina: I guess she's like Madonna, just one name. A Boston momma.
MomEtAl: A Mass. mom.
Money Saving Maine-iac- I money saving mom in Maine.
Moomettes Magnificents: A Connecticut Mid-Life Baby-Boomer wife of over 35 years.
My Life on the East Coast:
My Life with the Crazies: A Massachusetts Mom.
My Messy Paradise: a coffee-addicted, stay at home mom to 2 girls, envious of moms who make it look effortless, lover of iPhones, pop culture and bad TV.
Our Life With 2 Crazy Kids: A stay at home mom from NH
Peek Into My Noggin: A dynamic mom of a little girl in NH.
Raising 4 Kids in NH: The name say it all.
Rantings of a Drama Queens Mum: A stay at home mom from NH
Seriously, No Seriously
Simply Mel's Blog: A Mass stay at home mom.
Steady Mom: She's a Connecticut mom on a journey to become an intentional, joyful, and professional mother to her three young children.
Suburban Mom: Notes from the Asylum: A Boston area writer, columnist and Red Sox fan, she tackles pop culture and politics.
The Sugar Mommy: Located in New Hampshire, she makes yummy treats.
Swaneesinger: A fun mom passionate about art, music, literature, singing, painting, dancing, performing, writing, decorating and family.
Take a Minute To Enjoy Life and All It's Beauty: A NH Mom's point of view.
Thoughts From an Evil Overlord: Hmmmm....
Trenholm Photography: Love his work.
Wicked Local Parents: Based in Needham, MA, they provide a variety of parent resources.
Wicked Cool Deals: Probably the best coupon mom in New England. Great deals from Shaws, Rite Aid, CVS and more.

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