Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Thoughts Roundup (and I'm Not Happy About It!)

I usually fill my posts with stories of my adorable babies, fun ideas, or beautiful photography. Today, I decided to pull a 180... I have some not-so-flowery stuff to discuss. So, if you are opposed to a little negativity and bitchiness, move along.

I somehow stumbled across a web show titled Mommy XXX. It is the titillating (ha, get it? TITillating???) story of a mom who happens to be a porn star. Demi Dalia is an adult entertainer who has brought her teenage children into her XXX world. I really have no problem with women in pornography, I believe everyone makes their path in life. However, do you really need to sell your kids out and advertise to millions of people that their mom gets it on for money??? Demi even comments that her children have been ostracized in their community... No way! Who would have seen that coming? I know reality television has desensitizes us to the concept of carrying on our lives in private, but can't we at least protect innocent children???

For you sports fans... I was listening to the radio yesterday and could not avoid the unending commentary on Big Papi and his shocking doping habits. One commentator in particular caught my attention as he condemned the MLB for overlooking these players dope use. He alluded to how the NFL commissioner did not stand for any sort of drug use with his players. Really??? The NFL has a long history of employing rapists, wife beaters and attempted murderers... oh yeah, and dirt bag animal torturers! But, hey, when it comes to human growth hormones... that is where they draw the line!

I have been inundated recently with horrible news stories out of Massachusetts. In the last few days a woman mutilated a young mother as she cut her baby from her belly and then another woman was found to have locked her young son in a crawlspace where temperatures reached 120 degrees. He was found naked covered in feces and vomit.

These stories make me literally sick, make me question humanity. I can not see a punishment that is harsh enough for either of these women. I am pretty much as pacifistic, anti-violent, peace-love-and happiness as they come. BUT, these women deserve to be put in a dark hole and tortured daily for eternity. They are the scum of the earth the know no human decency.

Really, what type of world am I raising my daughters in? I think I need to move to the top of a mountain and start my own commune... only sane people allowed... if I can find any!


  1. Even the communes aren't safe! You might end up inviting another Jim Jones.

    Keep speaking out. I second your disgust!

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