Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here She Grows

Please pardon my lack of photos recently. I am still IBook-less. Oh, poor me. I am so lost without my Mac, my Photoshop... technology: damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Ok, enough whining. I thought it was time for a CadyBeas'r update, she will be 1 oh so very soon. And, as this blog did start as a supplement to my childrens journals, I have neglected updates on them.

So, here goes.

Acadia has really started standing very well. It all started on vacation in early July. I think the beach helped her balance as she was able to maneuver her feet in the sand. Since we have returned home, she has been standing and taking itty bitty steps. No walking as of yet, but let's not rush things.

She also picked up saying 'buh-bye' with a frantic wave. And don't you dare not acknowledge her 'buh-bye' lest she screech even louder and throw her arm out of joint trying to get your attention. It is so freakin' cute, I just can not stand it. What can I do to stunt her growth and keep her at exactly this stage? Coffee, cigarettes???

She, just this morning, learned to open the toilet seat... shall we start a pool to see when Colby will have to take the toilet apart for the first time? I am saying August 13th. Any takers?
I also have moved her completely to milk. I have made no effort to wean her from her bottle though... I just cherish cradling her in my arms and looking down as she rubs my face (scratches me eyeball, puts her fingers in my nose, pinches my lips) I just need to hold on to every second of this baby I can. I cherish my babies... I despise watching them grow too fast... and it is all too fast!


  1. I am jumping in on the poll, I have no excat date, but I will say it will be when Annika notices and sticks something in and says "Catie did it" Maybe a week from now.

  2. i love hearing about your kiddos ... i can't believe it's almost been a year ... josie & cady almost exactly a year apart ... too quick.

  3. I have two 9 year olds and a 12 year old....the older they grow the faster they grow away from us. Its still a great ride.