Monday, June 15, 2009

More on Addiction

I am not sure what brings me back to this topic, but I always seem to arrive here. Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite girl's blog and she had a rant on addiction. Although, as a social worker, she is clearly more educated on the topic than I am, I have that wonderful real life indoctrination.

As I have previously discussed here and here, I have my own personal issues with addicts. In my life, I have had the most interactions with alcoholics, but I know the addiction there is just like that with crack, pills or any other addiction.

I also came across another post that I found very interesting yesterday on Parenting Toolbox that related to children of addicts which, to me, is the biggest issue with addiction... when it somehow affects innocent children. From the article:

Common characteristics of caretakers and parents that accompany alcoholism-such as denial, dishonesty, selfishness, fear, and lack of consideration-have profound and direct effects on children. In this environment, self-esteem is not able to develop normally, and the emotional energy required to live with an alcoholic parent steals from the magic of childhood.

I have had a few candid conversations recently with a friend who is struggling with the same addiction issues that I have. They have addiction in their family and in their blood and have a daily battle with it. But they know that they must take responsibility for their life, their children and their fate and not give in.

So, I guess that is all I needed to say while I was on this soap box: take responsibility for yourself. Don't lay blame, be a coward or play victim. And don't even bother leaving me some anonymous comment, I won't waste my time with you.

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  1. you're my favorite too!

    It's all so complicated and maddening. I get so furious at the whole thing. I was just talking this morning about what it was like to grow up in a house full of alcoholics. The rules were so controlling and outlandish, but there was no real concern of anything I did, so long I followed the crazy rules. If I was home by midnight, all was well. I could have shot up the mall and kidnapped 8 babies, as long as I was done by midnight.