Monday, May 4, 2009

World's Meanest Mom

That's it. I officially will get the award for the World's Meanest Mom. Just ask Annika.

We have lived here 5 years and every single summer we hear the ice cream truck's sweet music as it goes around the next block. It has never once come down our road... until today. Today, of all days. The day Annika chose to throw a bucket of dirt on her 9 month old sister. The day she decided to pull out every item she could carry from the shed and leave it in the middle of the lawn. The day she took all the clothes out of her sisters dresser and threw them on the floor and then followed suit with her own dresser. The day she got into lipstick, milk, bubble bath, baby powder and a laundry list of other items. The day I found her out front with the scissors just as she had destroyed my flower garden. On this day I sent her to her room just as we heard the ice cream truck's happy tune in the distance.

Ariana came running in, "Mommy, can I have a dollar? He is actually coming this way!!!" Not today. I gave Ariana the money and, like the sweet sister she is, she squealed, "Come on, Annika, let's get an ice cream."

"Nope, she is in trouble. She has been very bad today."

So I brought her to the front door so she could watch her sister stand at that glorious treasure chest of dessert on wheels. Ariana got her ice cream and came bounding back with a smile as Annika ran in horror back to her bedroom. I am sure there is some sad crayon picture in her future of a weeping little girl peering out the window as the ice cream man sits in front of her house and her mother stands over her with an evil grin.

And you know what? She will do the exact same things tomorrow, perhaps in a different order.


  1. She did all that to make sure that you had no more lazy days.

  2. Tough. It's so tough to be a mom. Way to stick to your guns! This actually makes you a great mom! She's a great kid too - just had an off day.

  3. Well, you're nicer than me. I always tell the kids that the ice cram man rings his bell when he's OUT of ice cream! How mean is that?

  4. Oh, you're just terrible :) No ice cream, how could you?? LOL...she'll survive and I'll bet tthink twice...

  5. I like your style! She will forget this soon enough. But don't worry, it will all come back when she is in her 30s, in her therapists office, wondering why she emotionally eats push-up pops, resents her sister, and has a fear of vans.