Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom's Random Thoughts and Stuff

A. If you'd like a day off on Mother's Day, send your husband and kids to a a concert to benefit the Friendly Kitchen in Concord, NH. Dan Zanes will be playing in Bow, New Hampshire and if you have not had the pleasure of taking your children to one of his concerts, please do, he is awesome!

B. Love the name and think these are freakin' adorable:

C. I did not get this book yet, but it looks great. It is a book about easy, inexpensive things you can do to save the Earth and I think it is a great way to get kids involved. Check out: Change the World for Ten Bucks: small actions x lots of people = big change

D. Check out this Photoshop tutorial an how to make a 'wee planet' out of your panoramic picture. This is a sample of one I did of a river & trees scenery. It comes out really cool if you have a city skyline.

E. Last but not least, Saturday, May 9th is Stamp Out Hunger Day. Just leave some canned goods out by your mailbox and your carrier will pick them up and deliver to the local food pantry. Even if you have just one can. Seriously, who doesn't have that one can of peas that you bought on sale although nobody in your house even likes peas. Do you know how much food would be gathered if we all just gave up that one can of peas and how happy many little bellies would be???


  1. thanks for the book suggestion...I love your blog as it is chockablock full of content and good ideas...:)

  2. These are great! You always have the best suggestions....

  3. Nice... I'm pretty sure the 4 of us will be going to see Dan Zanes. It will be my mother's day gift... to watch my kids have fun!!!

  4. A Mother's day cartoon that surely describes someone's mother...