Monday, April 20, 2009

NH Women Get Out and Get Going

I have recently come across a few links that local women might find interesting. As the snow has melted, I am sure we all have that urge to just get out and do something. Here are just a few ideas of what to do around central New Hampshire:

Every Women Expo:
April 22, Nashua, New Hampshire. We're pairing up with the Nashua Pastoral Care Center to celebrate women and want you to join us for an evening of fun and entertainment. So grab your girlfriends, your mother, your daughter, or your special someone and treat yourself.
We want you to let loose, learn something new, win great prizes, and indulge in delicious desserts and fine wines and beers.

Nominate your mom to win a $2100 makeover package. The Hippo is sponsoring a makeover in Nashua. Every mom deserves to be pampered like this! Pass this link on to your kids or significant other as a not so subtle hint!

Concord Hospital is hosting some wellness classes to help ease into spring:
Introduction to Stress Reduction Using Mindfulness, April 30th
Mindfulness for Everyday Living, starts May 7th
Natural Beauty, April 22
World Dance Fusion, Starts April 29
Check your local hospital since most have great resources or wellness classes at reasonable rates.

Check out Pole Bliss in Manchester. They are bringing sexy back and offering pole dance classes. Check it out, it's not what you think and who wouldn't want a little extra spark in their relationship?

Spring is a great time to get some funky new stuff to spruce up your garden and yard. Head across Antique Alley along Route 4 and you are sure to see some great bargains!

Check out the plethora of wine events in NH throughout April and May.

Take some time for yourself, you'll be a better woman for it!

If you are like every other parent in the US, when it comes time to start feeding your baby snacks, you go straight to the Gerber snacks. I did with my first two children. But now I am older and wiser and have realized I can get better snacks for less. If you just go to the organic section of your local grocery store, you can find Snikiddy snacks for a fraction of the cost. Gerber puffs cost $2.69 for 1.48 ounces. A bag of Snikiddy's are about the same price for 4 ounces! You can also try Pirates Booty Veggie Puffs(my friend, Tiffany introduced these to me) also in the organic section. Both of these snacks are healthy, all natural organic... and way less expensive than the Gerber snacks. (Plus, I can sneak a few, since they are low in calories & fat!) Just be careful to read the ingredients and make sure you have introduced your child to all of the ingredients listed. For instance, the Veggie Puffs contain spinach, broccoli, kale, carrots and more.


  1. now this might sound horrible, and I swear I read every word that you write, but usually from my reader but did you just put a new header on your blog? if yes, holy crap! i love it!
    if no, how the heck did i never notice that? I want it blown up to a life size poster size print and plastered to the back of my bedroom door!

  2. Michelle-Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love your Earthday challenge!! Great ideas!! Great to see a fellow New Englander online!! I am from RI!

  3. I'm scared of the Pole Bliss class and what a fool I would make of myself!!! However, I bet it would make for some hysterical blogging material.... :)

  4. Some great ideas for New England---which I love!

    And by the by---My son and I love Pirates Booty....