Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom's Random Thoughts Roundup

Whenever I go about my day now, I see things and think "Oh, blog material." From my crazy kids to cool stuff for my house. And it's not necessarily anything to interest anyone else, but it's my own little notebook to flip back through when I need to remember something. I have virtual sticky notes on my Mac that I leave quick thoughts on. At some point I need to round up all the thoughts in one spot to clear the desktop off, so indulge me...

My money saving couponing ways has made me a star on (well, in my own head, at least!)

(A) I love a pregnant woman's body. I was never as comfortable in my skin as when I was pregnant. I wore a bikini with a three babies. BUT, come on, what is with American Apparel's clothing for expectant mothers???? Who the heck wants to revert back to the Jane Fonda look, let alone with 40 extra pounds around your most unflattering parts?

(B) I miss the Snorks, Fraggle Rock and the Smurfs. (I am secretly coveting this adorable t-shirt!!!) And, yes, I realize that they are still on TV... but not for those of us without cable.

(C) I am in love with this cute dish set at Target. Unfortunately, I have no need for it and it is completely the wrong color for my kitchen. (Hmmm, maybe time to repaint the kitchen???)

(D) I love this website for some unique art for the walls. Really cute/interesting/fun stuff.

May 2nd is Free Comic Book Day. Check this website out for local hobby shops that are participating. I used to love Archie comics when I was a kid. Where the hell did I get Archie comics anyway?

Yes, Colby and I are still doing our Family Fitness Challenge. I am not sure who is winning, hopefully he is keeping an honest chart, since it is the honor system. Pretty sure I will still kick his ass though!


  1. Love the randomness.

    And, that pregnancy outfit? Eww!

  2. "I love a pregnant woman's body"

    Oh my god, me too. Pregnant chicks are hot.

  3. Checked out the web sites. The t-shirts were great. I saw several that I really want. There was a really cute Peanuts onesie - with the Charlie Brown body and then an open space for the ehad, which is of course the baby's head. Those old style tees must be coming back in. GAP had some too.

  4. I always get ideas for blogs from EVERYTHING in my life---I think constantly, "Oh, I can blog about THIS!"

    And WHO likes to be pregnant---yuck!

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