Friday, April 3, 2009

Mommy and Me Gardening

Spring is here, as you can tell by Annika dancing in the photo. We were able to go outside yesterday and enjoy every minute of that sunshine. It was Acadia's first time enjoying the fresh air since she was, oh... 2 months old! She loved it. With the great weather, we were inspired to plant our vegetable seeds and get the gardening started. Of course, Annika loved playing in the dirt, but soon had to run for her gloves because her hands were getting too dirty (what kind of 3 year old are you???) She helped for awhile but she then was being called back by the sunshine to dance around they yard some more, so I was left to finish by myself. (Ariana was not involved as she is grounded, and she was sure to tell me how 'miserable' I was making her by doing fun stuff without her.)

PLANT A GARDEN: Day 7 of my Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge
This tip is pretty self explanatory. Go to your local garden center, but some seeds, cut out a piece of your yard and start planting. There are tons of resources online if you have questions. I used Lowes online, which seemed to be pretty comprehensive.


  1. Oh, yes! Wasn't it beautiful yesterday?

    And now---rain all day today---well, good for your little seedlings!

  2. We are so on the same page as you right now. I just bought a bunch of seeds to start and have my flats ready to sew. I even made a gardening apron to hold all my stuff for this year so I dont loose another pair of snipers. :)

  3. Your site is gorgeous, first of all--I love it!
    Secondly, we, too, started our seeds back in Feb and now they're ready to go! It's awesome to get little ones involved and active in gardening!