Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madeline Alice Spohr

This is Maddie. She passed away yesterday, April 7, 2009. Ironically, I learned about her passing from Matt Logelin when he posted it on Twitter. It is ironic to me because I started following Matt when I learned of his wife, Liz, passing just hours after the birth of her daughter about a year ago. But, in following Matt's story, I have come to realize how precious life is and how quickly what we know and love can be gone.
So, through Matt, I discovered this precious little girl today. Since she just passed away, there are not specifics, but I can surmise that it was unexpected. As I looked at Maddie's mom's Twitter account, she had posted as recently as last night. It is so surreal to read her posts as they happened in real time... she clearly was not thinking that she would soon lose the girl most precious in the world to her. Here is a transcript of her last few posts...

Kid is sick AGAIN. Waiting for doctor's appointment to determine if it's bronchiolitis, pneumonia, or RSV. Send hopes and booze. 1:33 PM Apr 6th from TweetDeck

@mintlipgloss yeah, RSV is the worst. She's already had it once this season, if she has it again I don't know what I'll do! 2:03 PM Apr 6th from TweetDeck in reply to mintlipgloss

Dr. Looove just saw Maddie. She ordered an x-ray and pulse ox, and they're going to do a nasal wash to check for RSV. Yippee. 4:56 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

They brought in a toddler bed, so now I can lay in the bed with Maddie. This seems to have calmed her, but she is obviously very unhappy. 11:57 AM Apr 7th from TwitterBerry

Now the doctors are rounding. Hopefully we'll have more news/information SOON. SO over being at the mercy of the doctors. 11:58 AM Apr 7th from TwitterBerry

Also, my blackberry is frowned upon, and there is no cable TV in the PICU! Que Horror! 11:59 AM Apr 7th from TwitterBerry

I now have internet access, but twitter and all its assorted programs won't load. WHAT IS THE POINT of internet with no twitter?
4:02 PM Apr 7 from TwitterBerry

Yes, I'm aware I have a problem.
4:03 PM Apr 7th from TwitterBerry

All the food in this cafeteria looks gross. I don't know what I'm gonna ea...OOOH! Sushi!
4:38 PM Apr 7th from TwitterBerry

Maddie knocked out another IV, this time it bled all over me. Nurses tried four more times to get a new line in to no avail. April 7th 6:49pm from TwitterBerry

She's still requiring massive amounts of oxygen and constant breathing treatments. Docs are still trying to figure out the problem. April 7th 6:50pm from TwitterBerry

They're going to intubate her, I'm freaking out. April 7th, 7:01pm from TwitterBerry

Madeline: about April 7 midnight from web (This last post presumably tells us of Maddie's passing, although their website is down with the high influx of traffic)

So, Maddie's parents were going about what they most likely thought was a typical trip to the hospital, having sushi in the cafeteria, checking out the hot tech in the ambulance (I saw that on her blog) obviously not ready for the unthinkable. How could they be, how could anyone be?

Please take a moment and put Maddie in your prayers/ thoughts/ heart... and then take a moment to realize that this could happen to anyone. We need to appreciate what we have when we have it and embrace every second with our little angels. See her big, infectious smile as a beacon of light, calling us to live life to the fullest.

Send her mom your love: @mamaspohr #maddie (Twitter)

Check out this blog for more info and donation information:

Maddie's parents are asking for us to donate to the March of Dimes in lieu of flowers. I watched the power of the web work its magic today as she raised about $14,000 (as of about 7:00pm EST)! Please go and make a contribution, no matter how big or small, just do it for her.

Even Jimmy Fallon was kind enough to take a moment...
jimmyfallon @mamaspohr sending you good vibes. Hang in there. April 8 3:39 pm from Tweetie


  1. I was reading Heather's tweets in real time yesterday, and when I DMed her that I'd be praying for them, I had no idea how the day would end. Seeing them again here reminds me that "you never know". Maddie's legacy is a beautiful one, but it leaves a wake of heart ache. Thank you for sharing her story so tenderly.

  2. I honestly had never heard of Maddie or Heather before today, but it breaks my heart all the same.

  3. I read about this tragedy on another bloggers post and was so saddened...

    I am just going to pray for comfort for the parents of this sweet girl---I can't imagine what they are going through.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I have had this on my mind all day long. so very very tragic and sad.

  5. This is just the saddest thing! Made me get up and go kiss my little ones as they are sleeping . . .

    How absolutely heartbreaking for the family!