Thursday, April 2, 2009

Groovy Baby

I am a huge proponent of exposing children to music. Yes, even in the womb, I am the dork laying around with headphones on her belly! When we had Ariana, we were given a 3 CD set of 150 songs. 150 insipid, redundant nails-on-chalkboard songs. We have since learned our lesson and realized that children can be exposed to all sorts of music. It is hard in a family of 5, but we do try to play music that everyone can enjoy. (Ok, so Colby isn't a huge fan of Black Eyes Peas, but he fakes it.)
So, with that in mind, do you need a baby gift idea? That Baby CD and That Baby DVD are far and above our new favorites. (Yup, I have even caught Colby walking around singing the songs.) The songs on the CD and DVD are actually all cover songs. And that is the coolest part, the songs are great and the musicians who perform them are phenomenal. With song writers like the Beatles, Bob Marley and the Pretenders, how could you possibly go wrong??? It is quite funny how the music elicits different responses from the 3 girls. Acadia, at 7 months, will just sit quietly, mesmerized. Annika,3 and Ariana, 8 will get on their tutu's and dance around like the princesses they are (ok, they would probably dance around like princesses to Metallica!) And the DVD will actually keep them all entertained, that's saying a lot for an age range of 8 years. There is one song in particular (Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders) that all 3 will watch and ask me to play over and over (well, Acadia doesn't ask me to play it again, but she is definitely saying it with her eyes.) It's simply children dancing to the song, but it is so freakin' funny, we all giggle, even after seeing it... oh, around 300 times!!! Colby comes home from work every night to either the CD or DVD on. He made a comment the other day, "Wow, you are really getting your mileage out of this one." I am, and it is so worth not having to listen to either Wheels on the Bus or Hannah Montana for the millionth time!

So, with that said, to celebrate my new blog makeover, I wanted to give my loyal readers a gift. And since most of my readers are parents, this is the perfect gift for you. All you need to do is visit the That Baby DVD/CD Facebook fan page and become a fan. Just leave a comment here or email me to let me know you did it and I will pick a winner on April 12th.

Even if you don't win, please heed my advice and consider this for a unique baby gift idea. Seriously, new parents get so many little clothes that they usually don't even like and the baby outgrows after wearing them once. (I mean, I liked every gift I ever received, I swear Mom!) Or they get duplicates of almost everything because nobody wants to think outside the box. Go with the creative gift of this music and save the world from yet another Barney CD.

THAT BABY CD ON iTunes: Day 6 of the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge
I am sure nobody is surprised to learn that downloading music is far better for the Earth than buying a CD. Check out for a full article on the subject. So, go ahead, buy this CD from iTunes and save some more resources for the new baby.


  1. I AM TOTALLY A FAN NOW! LOL! I love you! I love how you look out for the little people!

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  3. Okay...I'm running over there to be a fan because My sister is going to have her baby in July...her first and she is my lil' sister who LOVES music!


  4. i could definitely use this right about now!!! :) im now a fan!

  5. hi sweetie ... love the new look - very nice & like the fun contest ... i just became a fan. xoxo

  6. Wow! I got so excited that I signed up to follow again! Heh, heh.

    You have been busy, girl!

    How do you find the time? Very impressive...

  7. hilarious. I am a fan now.

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  9. I became a fan!

    lindsmoore55 at yahoo dot com

  10. Love the music on this -we need to get this for our house. Your blog looks great!!!