Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fashion for Mom: Earth Friendly

Did you know we can be fashionable and still be Earth friendly? I am walking proof. Yup, I shop at thrift stores and have scored a lot of great items for my wardrobe. I have also been able to upcycle my clothes to create newer cuter clothes. So many resources are saved simply by reusing one article of clothing: petrochemicals (the basis of synthetics like polyester and nylon) and the energy needed to manufacture them. (Even natural fibers like cotton are usually doused with pesticides, polluting dyes and chemical treatments.) Plus that is one more piece of trash kept out of landfills. There are just so many reasons to dress green, not the least of which is you will never be wearing the same thing as the lady in front of you at the checkout.

This dress I am pictured in here is a sample of upcycling. It was previously a dress that was cut down the back and ties were added. You can do it if you find a dress that might be a tad too small or even one that it too big that you'd need to size down a bit. You can then pair it with a tank top or t-shirt and jeans and it's super cute.

Here are some places to shop for vintage/ used clothing:
Rusty Zipper
Goodwill – find vintage and second-hand bargains at thrift shop locations near you, or shop their online auction.
Salvation Army

If you are less than crafty, there are some great Etsy sites that upcycle and offer adorable clothing. Check these out:

Ok, don't look at this dress, I want to get it myself! I LOVE THIS ONE.
You can certainly get kids clothing too.
This shop has lots of cute choices.
This is a good shop too.

Anything other suggestions? Try it, I guarantee you'll look great and feel good about it too.


  1. LOL - I just read your comment about me in the MomDot ANTB competition - too funny! I've pretty much been offline for a week 'cause my hubby was in Switzerland leaving me alone with a 3 and 1 yr old. I also had to spend every night his past week completing my college course take home exam. Cheers!

  2. Hey! I am an AVID thrift shopper!!

    We must go some day! I have a favorite one in Waltham----it has great stuff!

  3. I love this one. You know, it never occurred to me until I saw this that a cute too-small or slightly damaged skirt would make a great half-apron!