Friday, April 10, 2009

Drug Addiction is STILL not a Disease

Ok, I posted here about drug addiction being akin to cancer here.
I have previously also posted about my animosity towards Anonymous commenters.

Now the two shall meet...
Mr. or Ms. Anonymous is back again, only this time to comment on my drug addiction vs. cancer post. Here is what they said:

Anonymous said...
Just a quick note that drug addiction and alcoholism have been identified by the Canadian and American Medical Associations as an ILLNESS, a DISEASE. Yes there is a choice to drink or drug IN THE BEGINNING, but if you are predisposed to have the illness you no longer choose, your disease is telling you that your body NEEDS these substances to survive. As for Cancer, there are people who smoke, sun tan and expose themselves to many other things that are cancer you lack sympathy for them too, as if they chose to behave recklessly with their health?????? Educate yourself as it is dangerous for suffering alcoholics and addicts to continually face this type of bigotry in society.

WTF? If only I had a sailor mouth, I would spew forth some great words. Alas, I can only say you are a butthead! Again, I must ask why the 'Anonymous'? Did you lose your balls as a side effect of your drug addiction?

Oh those poor, poor crackheads facing all that bigotry in society? Oh, how could I be so callous? You said it yourself... "Yes there is a choice to drink or drug IN THE BEGINNING." Enough said, choice made. Let me clear some stuff up, I am not some elitist who knows not the pain drug addiction causes. It is rampant in my family. I literally watched a very close relative die an excrutiating death due to alcoholics hepatitis. I cried harder than anyone at his funeral and mourned the loss of a man in his mid twenties whose children would never know their sweet, caring, funny, hard working father. However, it was purely self induced and completely avoidable. What brought him to that point was the same family predisposition that I have, lack of education and an avoidance of healthcare. I do believe that addiction somehow runs in families (nature or nurture, I am not sure) and I am at as high of a risk as the worst crack addict. I make constant choices in my life to avoid addictions for myself and my family and my 3 wonderful daughters. I have to say my exposure to addiction for the last 33 years gives me as much of an education as the most seasoned scientist.

And, no, I do not have sympathy for lung cancer patients who smoke a pack a day. That is, again, their choice. When my father had a portion of his lung removed 2 months ago due to lung cancer, I had no qualms speaking over the noise of his chest pump and oxygen tank to tell him how selfish he was being as he smoked every cigarette. How selfish he was every time he chose a freaking cigarette over his 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

So, I am not referring to the self imposed cancers that do exist as consequences of bad behaviors. But drug addiction is not a disease. It is not a disease like leukemia that takes the life of an innocent 10 year old who has yet to make any choices with great consequence in life. Call me a bigot, absolutely. I hold all addicts responsible for their own decisions and weaknesses. If a drunk driver injured one of my precious children, I certainly wouldn't be there saying "Oh, well, he had an addiction, he couldn't help it." Or if one of my children was a victim of violence due to some addicts need for a fix, I would also be unforgiving. Conversely, if one of my children became addicted, I would give them all the help they need to recover. I would not, however, give them an out and say "Oh, it's ok sweetie, you have a disease." It's not ok and it is a choice and all addicts who want to compare themselves to a leukemia patient are weak and selfish.

See, Anonymous, how I put my opinion out there with my name, picture and everything? I guess there is a reason why I don't live in Canada.


  1. seems to me that any sort of addiction (drug/food/sex) is more of a symptom of a disease, than a disease in itself. i guess we'd have to all agree on the definition of "disease" first.

    colb and i have a friend (who u probably know of) who recently died from being too heavy and smoking. both habits were in my opinion, a reaction to a traumatic was his learning disability. i would consider the traumatic upbringing as creating a dis-ease in him, leading to these damaging habits that played out somewhat automatically, requiring little exposure for them to become routine.

    the crackhead example makes me think of layne staley...who for awhile openly touted that lifestyle. i think there's simply a sort of defect / issue in folks who get that tangled up in any sort of self-destructive behaviour. maybe one can be unaccepting of the act, but accepting of the person.

    definitely none of the stuff mentioned in these posts is easy. wishes of good health to all reading.

  2. I hate people who hide behind "anonymous"---spineless jerks...

    I agree with you...

  3. I am in total agreement with your points on choices we make.

    As far as "anonymous" goes, I noted this on my blog yesterday "If it is important enough for you to express your opinion - it should be something you are not ashamed to put your name to."

    If you have something to say and you actually believe, don't hide.

    You addressed this quite well.

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