Thursday, April 16, 2009

Completely, Utterly Random Crap

You know when your husband does something really dumb (come on, you all know... well, except for you, Jeff) and then he says, "Come on, Michele, don't blog about this." Well, yeah... I'm going to blog about it....

One day I found my deep hair conditioner had been taken from under my bathroom sink and was on a shelf. Odd, I thought. But my friend, Kelly, had warned me that, as the kids get older, things will start disappearing from my bathroom. I figured one of them needed a deep conditioning and I just put it away. The next day, it was out again! Arrggg! I put it away. Next day, it made it's way downstairs to the kitchen! I made a sarcastic remark at Colby as I looked at Ariana out of the corner of my eye, "Colb, you using this?"
"Huh?" (My husband shaves his head bald)
"Yeah, I've been putting it on my tattoo." (He has been getting a substantial tattoo over the last few weeks and had been using a tube of Aveeno that I bought him to moisturize it.)
"Really, you are using hair conditioner on your tattoo???"
"Ohhh, I just grabbed a tube and started putting it on."
"Really?" So you just grab my nipple cream and brush your teeth with it too???
His arm broke out really bad and, needless to say, he wouldn't admit to the tattoo artist today what he had done. Men.

I didn't mention it yet, but Ariana & I volunteered at a nursing home for Easter. It is the same one we volunteer at for Thanksgiving. If you haven't volunteered with your child yet, I really recommend it. It makes me feel so good to see her bringing smiles to all those faces. And, more importantly, she feels so good about what she is doing that she always asks to go back and do more. I won't preach but, really, consider it. Hopefully, it will carry on further into her life than I can anticipate.

For those of you keeping track, both Colb and I have worked out all 3 days since we started the Family Fitness Challenge. Well, he wanted to count building the kids tree house deck as his workout... so, whatever. I have to give him a handicap, he is a guy, and all.


  1. ha ha!!
    buy your husband some Palmer's lotion. It is AMAZING for new tattoos

  2. Todd uses conditioner sometimes on his bald head. He says his skin gets dry from all the shaving and the conditioner helps. At this point I'm looking at him strangely and he shrugs and walks away. Men!

  3. 1) I freakin' made the blog. Sweet.

    2) Manual labor should count. Especially if he was lifting a beer while he did it. Those little 12 oz. weights can be a workout.

    3) The first warning on Monistat 7 is "do not put in eyes". Some $&*! must have had an eye infection and figured all infections are the same. Hair conditioner/skin conditioner, Jane/Joan.... it's all good.

    4) Can we please hear more about the nipple cream?

  4. I forgot to tell you that your husband may be the cause of missing items as well. Apologize to the girls for me for that one. And you might want to consider locking things up from your four children.

  5. awwww ... fun! i am excited for my dvd & can't wait for our date!

  6. Cutie hair conditioner story!

    You go----on your fitness challenge!

    Also---are you guys going to be able to come to my gig this weekend---on Sat. night? Its in Manchester---at The Yard.

    Check it out on the website---

  7. Yeah, I would have blogged about that, too!

    And, for the record, nipple cream is great for chapped skin!