Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yummy Mommy Made it Big

Wow, I have made the big time... I have been quoted in an article on Check out this list and see my earth shattering tip for a kitchen must have coming in at #9. Man, why didn't my favorite NanaSaver make the list???

Anyhow, I will be home all day if you want to stop by and get an autograph. Just let me know if you're coming since I might even shower for the event!


  1. Thank you Michelle! I was worried this would get nothing but crickets so I exhaled when you commented!! I posted a reply comment to yours.

    Also, congratulations on being quoted! Got to love some link love. and you may want to remind the hubby about the keg you hauled in for help on the jeans =)

  2. Good girl! Congratulations!

    Also, I'm giving you a Blog Pop. The Love one. I just found your blog last week, but I've read thru a good bit of your archives and I love it.

  3. wow ... so how did that happen? ... i agree with you ... i think they missed out by not mentioning the nanasaver ... they could of even used a picture of one! ... i still need to find one of those!

  4. I will be sure to come get my autograph on Friday evening. I will be sure to have Jeff get one as well.

  5. So impressive! I am a big fan of the chip clip---I have two on my fridge right now----and I bought a bunch for my daughter when I was there last---visiting---aren't I the coolest? Heh, heh.