Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Thudguard?

Ok, I am all for child proofing and child safety. Although I am not always successful, I'd say my 3 kids have done pretty well so far. We have outlet covers, a gate at the stairs for babies and they wear their helmets on the bike. You know, the usual.

Recently, I came across a product for babies, pictured here. It is called a Thudguard. It is a product for babies to wear... around the house. While... crawling around. You can probably see where I am going here.

What has the world come to??? Do we really need to make our poor kids wear helmets all day??? Are you kidding me? I am not that old and I remember sitting in my parents car with no seat belt... while they were smoking cigarettes! So, some things have changed for the better, but this is too far. If you have a kid crawling around who can always hit his head on stuff and it doesn't hurt, what's he going to do when you finally take the helmet off? Or do you just send him to school in it?

I had a friend (who is a first time mom) tell me recently how her son hit his head once on their concrete floor and since then has been very careful about protecting his head when he falls. She was intrigued by his natural instinct and resilience. Do you think a kid who walks around in bubble wrap is going to develop this resilience?

Friends of mine, be forewarned... If I come to your house and see your baby in this, I will be making fun of you!


  1. My mom always says that a little cryin' never hurt 'em! You gotta let them get hurt so that they know not to do it again!

  2. Wow! I guess that I should have had that when my daughter got a hairline fracture at the age of 18 months----she was always falling down and hitting her head... heh, heh.

  3. I'm a reporter at The Daily. Wondering if I can interview you on your thoughts on Thudguard for an article I'm doing.

    -David Knowles

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