Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mom's Random Thoughts

Inspired by the UnMom and Carrin...

• Do you think Lennon envisioned his image on dumpsters even 30 years after his death?
• I love NPR, or specifically, NHPR. I get to listen to them every morning as I work from 4 to 7 and it really gets my day going. I can even ignore the fact that the 4am-5am time slot is from the BBC (and Lord knows, I can NOT stand British accents!) They have a great show called the Strand that takes you on a worldwide journey through arts, culture and entertainment. They have introduced me to many great new magicians, movies, artist, etc. I usually run home from work and jump right online to find out more info on whatever artist/entertainer I heard about that morning. It's great!
• I just finished reading Annie Leibovitz at Work. It was a great book. If you like pop culture and photography, you should really go to the library and check it out.
• I have developed an affinity for cute half aprons. Especially vintage ones... more on that on a later post....
• Check out this site for a super simple tutorial for an adorable skirt.
• For someone who is a photography fanatic, I am not on Flickr. I don't know why, I really should be.
• Shopper arrested for dropping F bomb at Wal*mart. Seriously, have you ever shopped at Wal*Mart? If you start arresting all the profanity spewing, chain smoking, sweat pant wearing patrons, they'll be out of business!
• Ozzy Osbourne is the ultimate anti drug spokesman for my kids.

SAVE INK: Day 4 of the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge

Try this font as a means to save ink. It cuts little holes out of the letters, which isn't really apparent to the naked eye, but it will save lots of ink. It is a cool concept that is free to download and free to use. What have you got to lose? Just try it!

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