Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mom's Jeans

Well, I certainly got some replies to yesterday's post on my new jeans. I'd say I came out the winner here. However, in Colb's defense, I really have no male readers, so that would certainly slant the scale a little.

One thing that strikes me about my post, though, is the anonymous commenter. I don't get this concept. If you are my friend, you don't mind telling me I suck. If you are my enemy, why the hell are you wasting your time reading my blog? If you just randomly came upon my awesome blog, do you care that much what I think of you? I don't mind at all when people have different opinions than me (I wouldn't still be married if I did.) and I don't understand why people think if they have something contradictory to say, they have to hide. Tell me like it is... I can take it... and give it back.

Oh, and Anonymous, my ass looks phenomenal in my new jeans. Thank you very much.


  1. I saw that anonymous commenter and laughed. What a waste of time. And yes, expensive jeans look SO much different than cheaper ones. You can spot the difference from a mile away.

  2. Allright, let me jump in here with some testosterone. I intentionally avoided serious comment before, knowing that I was among those lone male readers.

    Had Kelly had a couple of hundred dollars to spoil herself with, and chosen ONE pair of jeans for that. I certainly would have rolled my eyes. But since the money was set aside for spoils in life, wouldn't have thrown a fit, outside of the obvious comments about how she otherwise complains of lacking enough clothes. If I had a couple of hundred dollars to spend, it wouldn't be on a vaccum either... So God bless you and all the other chicks who spend money to make their asses look good for us.

    Now, here's the testosterone:
    It has to be either the material, or the cut of the material which makes them so wonderful. There are no other parts I can think of.

    I think it's safe to assume that the material involved isn't the bulk of the price tag. The price tag is for the high-end designer, not the denim itself.

    So why would Levi's (or any other mainstream or not-so-mainstream manufacturer) not have made identical versions by now? How can you not be able to find jeans of the same material & cut, with a different label and half the price tag?

    That's why guys don't get $180 jeans.

  3. Ya know, I've actually been thinking about your expensive jean post quite a bit since I commented the other day.

    I was thinking about the hell I went through trying to find some new jeans this past week, bouncing from Kohls, to JCPenny, to OldNavy...and coming home empty handed in the end because none of them fit my body right. At this point, I'd probably spend a unreasonable amount of money on ANY pair of jeans that looked and fit good.

  4. I just wanted to point out that anonymous spelled ridiculuos wrong.
    And every woman should have at least one pair of jeans that makes their ass look awesome. (I had to add in hopes that my husband will see it)

  5. Michele, just giving them your time of day is a waste of time. If anyone has anything bad to say about you, they obviously don't know you. Now to speak on these jeans, I am the typical male shopper. Only buy clothes when the old ones no longer fit or are shredded for being demoted to around the house only clothes...and once the holes have grown to the pint I can't even mow my lawn in them will I buy jeans. Then I go to the store and buy the one brand of jeans that I will wear find the size I am and walk out. 15 minutes tops for clothes shopping. My wife on the other hand will spend time looking through the RACKS of jeans one by one....it drives me crazy. To a guy jeans are jeans...if they make you butt look amazing it is an added feature. But honestly if someone told you "you ass looks great in those Kmart jeans" wouldn't it be a good enough feeling to pamper yourself on something else. Like the 10 cheap dates you spoke of or tickets to those elusive red sox games?

  6. I hadn't read this post b/c I came to the other one via McMommy. If those are your jeans in the picture, they look HAWT - totally awesome. ENJOY :-)

  7. There are only 3 things in my closet that I invest in and pay big bucks. This is because I wear the SH*T out of them and they last for over a year. The first is my everyday shoe (Danskos), 2nd is my hiking shoes (Keens). Lastly, is the only brand of jeans that can support the junk in my trunk..Lucky Jeans. If ANY of these 3 things wear out within the first year...they go to the cobbler or the tailor to get fixed.
    I am not a shopper. My closet is not full of unworn clothes. In fact, I am having a hard time justifying buying a wedding dress for more the $100. I would rather buy another pair of Luckys.

    I will suggest to all you retail store buyers...you CAN find that same pair of jeans cheaper online.