Monday, March 16, 2009

Mommy's Got No Grammar

Do you know my biggest fear in writing this blog? What makes me write, rewrite, read, reread, rewrite... ? What makes me pause every time I hit the 'Publish Post' button?

Grammar Nazis!

I hate the thought of people reading my blog and correcting me or thinking "Is this chick a moron?" This stems from me being a grammar nazi myself. I have so many pet peeves when it comes to grammar these day... loss of punctuation and capitals, loss of words all together to be replaced by acronyms (SAHM)... You get the point.

I actually got my husband the book, "Literally the Best Language Book Ever" since he is also a grammar nazi. I had to thumb through it to make sure I wasn't breaking any cardinal rules and I seem to be ok. But I also try to write more like I would speak, which doesn't lend itself to perfect punctuation or grammar, but it sounds more like me and less like a roboblogger.

You should have seen the rigamorole I went through before naming this blog. I knew 'Mommy's' was possesive so it should be spelled as such. But I could not get 'Mommies' out of my head! It's just me here, so plural mommies is not correct. But what if I name my blog, get the custom domain and then someone tells me that someone changed the rules since I last took an English class (MANY years ago)??? Would every one be looking at my blog and pointing and laughing?

Yes, these are the my biggest stresses in life. Life is good.

Grammar Tip of the Day:
'A lot' is not spelled 'Alot'. This is my biggest grammar pet peeve since my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Glenn, gave me gruff about it.


  1. "You should have see the rigamorole I went through before naming this blog."

    should be....

    "You should have SEEN the rigamorole I went through before naming this blog."

  2. I blame text messaging for all the grammer problems these days. Kids just don't know how to spell any more, or is it anymore?

  3. This is why I only give my blog address to my mommy. I am to scared that everyone will think that I am an idiot

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. That is totally my pet peeve also, and I feel stressed about the same things that you do!

    In fact, I hate it when people spell things wrong in posts. I keep wondering if they proofread it?

    I have actually published something, then caught a mistake and gone back and changed it! I'm crazy!

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