Monday, March 2, 2009

Forever my Friends

My 14 days is over. My resolve to drink more water didn't go so well... although I did drink more water it was not as much as I wanted. I did replace my debit card as a tool to better track my finances. But my biggest success by far was my face time with girlfriends. In these 2 weeks I got to hang out with 4 fun, fabulous ladies, which is more than the last 6 months combined!

I had my friends Danielle and Ali over for lots of chatting and lots of snacking. It was really nice to commiserate with people who had a vocabulary that is more advanced than that of a third grader.

I also had my friend, Tiff, over for lunch. Although we both are basically stay-at-home moms and only live 45 minutes apart, we had to plan this date 6 weeks ahead to make it happen. The visit was far too short because Tiff & I have not seen each other much in the last 15 years and we have so much to catch up on. I always love chatting with her because her & I have had quite varied experiences in life and it makes conversation very interesting.

My last face time was yesterday with Kelly. We actually got to hang out and be productive. We made 4 different dinners to freeze for our families. I am hoping we can make a habit of this because it is sooo nice to just open the freezer on a hectic evening and pop a casserole in the oven. Kelly is a newer friend in my life and it's great because we have a lot to learn about each other and I can learn something new about her every time we get together, plus she's just a cool chick all around!

So, I am feeling quite optimistic about getting back in the saddle with my girlfriends. However, all three of these dates did include all three of my children. Should I just expect this for the next few years or are there actually moms out there who get free time without children???


  1. i enjoyed my girl time with you ... i swear one day of girl time lasts with me for days ... it is refreshing. (imagine if there were not kids around!) ... still need to update with my progress with the 14 days ... we should do it again sometime.

  2. happy birthday babycakes.......

  3. Yes, it is hard to get out with the kiddos...but it's so much fun. You must try it again!