Monday, March 9, 2009

Designer Jeans

This is a post requested by my husband, so please bear with me, as it might get a little long. However, I need an opinion at the end, so read on.

Last week was my birthday and Colby & I typically spend a couple of hundred dollars on each other on our birthdays. I was thinking in February about what I should ask for. I usually will ask for something for the house... a new vacuum, new molding or a carpet.. something like that. But this year I have been feeling a little too "Mommyish" after having 3 kids and staying with them 24/7, so I wanted to pamper myself a bit. I also wanted to celebrate losing a good portion of the baby weight. Long story short, I decided on designer jeans. I have had a huge dilemma the last few years trying to find jeans that fit me and are not 50% spandex (who the hell decided woman suddenly all wanted skin tight, stretchy jeans???) I have jeans that I wore pre-Ariana (9 years ago!) but have struggled since then to find any jeans that I love.

So this would be my gift and Colby sent me out on my journey (without kids... yay!) to find the perfect jeans. I had to travel half an hour to get to the only store in New Hampshire that sells all the big name designer jeans. When I got there, I was pleased at the selection and decided to try on a pair from each designer, since I had no idea which would fit or what I would like best. I also decided not to even look at the price tags... that is until I noticed a tag that said $320! Holy cow! That is a whole wardrobe for a year for all 3 kids!

I settled on a gorgeous pair of 7 For All Mankind. (Side note: I am 5'9" tall and every pair was at least 2 inches too long for me... is it only 6' supermodels who wear these jeans?) When I got home, I promptly put them on to model for the family. I was psyched; they fit very well, were soft and comfy and I had a special gift just for me. Colby had me do the runway walk (of course spin to see the tush) and agreed they looked good... however... thought they looked like any other pair of jeans I owned (which I have never paid over $40 for). He then asked the question. "How much were they?"
"For jeans?"
"Yup, I told you I wanted designer jeans."
"That's just crazy. I can't even believe they make jeans that cost that much. Holy crap. You need to blog about this so I can see everyone tell you how crazy you are."

So, am I crazy?

Just a little back story before you decide... I would have received a gift for this value, whether it was a KitchenAid mixer or a new bathroom sink. And I NEVER splurge like this. I am the superthrift of the household... using inordinate amounts of coupons, buying stuff at thrift stores, never going to a salon for haircuts or colors, driving a 10 year old car etc. I budget so carefully on our 1.25 incomes that we are able to contribute to three college accounts and two 401k accounts every paycheck. My new jeans in no way threatened our financial stability as a family and Colby doesn't care that I got a $186 gift for my birthday (he probably would have spent more if he chose the gift himself.) He just think $186 jeans are crazy.

We'll leave it to the court of public opinion.


  1. i agree w/ your DH...that's crazy. LOL!!!

    (dont shoot me)

  2. NO! You are not crazy. On that note though, my husband would say the same as Colb.

  3. Thanks again for the keg, Michele.

  4. Personally, I wouldn't spend 186 dollars on even THREE pairs of jeans, Old Navy is as expensive as I go...unless they came with a lifetime warranty and expanded/contracted to mold to my fluctuating weight. :-)

  5. if you would be getting a gift worth that much anyways ... why not? you got what you wanted for you birthday ... even if they are a spendy pair of jeans. a pair of jeans that you will wear all the time cuz they fit & feel great are worth it ... & way more fun than a vaccumm :)

  6. Wow! I have never gotten clothes that cost that much---heh, heh, but that said, I think that you have to get something that makes you feel fab! You deserve it!!

    And you must look amazing---you are so lucky to be so tall---I'm jealous!

    And where in NH do you live? We ARE practically neighbors! Cool!!
    e-mail me:

  7. Definitely NOT crazy! Sure, some people take it too far and buy designer jeans in excess...but ONE pair? For your birthday? Of course that's alright! And it's not like they're just overpriced garbage. 7 (as well several other designers) make jeans of exceptional quality. You deserve a pair!

  8. There is no other jeans like designer jeans. The fit, the material, everything about them is worth that 180. Jeans that cost 32 bucks always have SOMETHING wrong with them... too short, but fit right at the waste OR perfect length, but WAY too baggy at the waste. You get what you pay for.

  9. AND I just realized I used the wrong version of WAIST. BOTH TIMES. Holy crap. I am awesome.

  10. I believe in the power of designer jeans.

    One amazing $200 pair of jeans is so much more useful and thrifty than 8 pairs of ill fitting and uncomfortable $25 jeans.

    Once I break it down like that for people, they usually see my point. Especially if I ask them to take all their jeans out of the drawer, tell me how much each pair was, and then tell me how often they wear them.

    I'm wearing $150 pants right now. I wear them every damned day of my life. I don't think anyone notices that I never change my pants, but I do know that they notice how awesome my not awesome butt looks in them.

  11. There is a designer brand if jeans I love. They fit, they make me feel FABulous. I only get them on special occasions, or on crazy-sales. I now have 3 pairs. Retail, they are about $200. THe first pair I have is almost 8 years old and still looks brand new. Can you say that abotu a $30 pair from Old Navy> I. Think. Not.

    Bottom line: You get what you pay for. and women tend feel better when they look better.

    The clothes make the mom.

  12. You are not crazy at all.

    You completely deserve the jeans. You budgeted for it, it was your birthday, and feeling good in what you wear is an awesome feeling. Well worth an occasional $186.

    Forget "Anonymous"

  13. Last week my DH spent $140 on a dress shirt. Something I would never do. But, He looked so HOT that to me, it was well worth it. And, is it really any different then spending a ton of money on a coach bag? Plus, now that you know which jeans look the best you can probably find some for cheaper on ebay!

    Good for you! ;)

  14. I don't think it's crazy :-)

    I have two pair of 7s - one I saved up for and bought when I lost weight, the other pair my sister gave me b/c they were too big for her (skinny bitch - hee hee). I have never regretted the money I spent on them, I have had my original pair for years now and they still look and feel brand new. And I really do think my ass looks better in them!!!

    Good for you - you will really love them!

  15. You're a mom, therefore you work hard. You deserve designer jeans! Besides, wearing designer jeans is fun because they fit nicely and they make you feel and look cute.
    I say Yay for designer jeans (and bags)! Happy POW!

  16. would probably not spend that much jon jeans (that's just me) but I would spend that much at the salon. So what's the diffence? i think you got something that is gonna make you happy and last a long time. No matter what it is, it's your present and you deserve it!

  17. okay, i know this is an old post but i had to say something because my boyfriend LOVES designer jeans and owns more than i do. but, i don't mind. i'm glad he has good taste. and imho, it is totally worth spending the extra money. ;)

  18. You know me and I would never spend that on jeans do live in jeans. If you are keeping them for 9+ years then you deserve it! was your birthday gift! You deserve it beautiful!
    I miss you.

  19. Umm, those are my favorite jeans... I wore my last pair until they had holes in the knees. After I have this baby and shed the lbs again I will go shopping for another pair of fabulous jeans.

    Congrats and no, you are not crazy!

  20. I think it's great. Go girl! I always say, look at the "cost per use". If you are wearing them all the time, it's totally worth it. In fact, you're probably saving money in the long run because the quality is so much better. That's the reasoning I give to myself, my husband & anyone else who thinks I'm crazy for spending it. :-)

    You deserve to do something for yourself, especially when you're a mom & you're doing things for everybody else. I have some from the same designer & absolutely love them. They are totally worth the money!

    You only live once, so enjoy it!

  21. FYI: There is athrift shop in Hanover Ground floor of the Nugget Arcade building) that sells designer jeans half price (gently used). I get mine there. I just got a pair of perfect Seven fir All Mankind jeans there for $70. And they're my new favs. MUCH nicer than my other jeans. :)

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  23. I have a pair of crystal pocket 7's. They were my graduation gift from grad school from my aunt and were a little over 200 bucks. I love them , but never would have bough them for myself!. My ass look(ed)s amazing in them, and I aspire to fit my 2 kids havin ass back in them in the somewhat near future!!